Ryan McDevitt, G'14
CEO of Benchmark Space Systems

Dr. Ryan McDevitt is the co-founder and CEO of Benchmark Space Systems, a small satellite propulsion company based in Burlington, VT. From its inception in 2017, McDevitt has spearheaded Benchmark’s growth to over 50 full-time staff, with offices in Vermont, California, and the UK. Since their first hardware was launched into space in 2021, Benchmark has been ramping up to build hundreds of propulsion systems and is now working with companies from around the globe.

McDevitt co-founded Benchmark Space Systems as he was finishing his Ph.D. at the University of Vermont, where he worked in Professor Darren Hitt’s micropropulsion group. Together, McDevitt and Hitt co-invented technologies that became the basis of Benchmark’s first marketable technologies. McDevitt and Benchmark Space Systems maintain a close relationship with UVM, supporting senior design projects, graduate students, and research groups working on space-related endeavors. McDevitt is a native Vermonter who is passionate about helping Vermont attract and retain talent by providing the next generation of potential engineers and scientists with opportunities and education.