General Commencement Questions:

Kelly O'Malley, Coordinator of Presidential Events
Phone: 802-656-3272


Academic Questions:

Academic questions should be directed to either the Registrar's Office or your college/school contact.

Registrar's Office

Please contact the Registrar if you have questions about academic record updates, getting your diploma, or requesting a transcript.

Phone: 802-656-2045
Fax: 802-656-8230

College and School Contacts:

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Emma Lane:, 802-656-2980

College of Arts and Sciences, 802-656-3344

Grossman School of Business
Travis Perry:, 802-656-3175

College of Education and Social Services
Lynn White Cloud:, 802-656-3468

College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
Matthew Mantz:, 802-656-3365

The Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine
Liz Dohrman:, 802-656-3401

College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Derek Lewis:, 802-656-3858

Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
Marie Vea:, 802-656-3003

Honors College
Simone Blaise-Glaunsinger:, 802-656-9100

Graduate College, 802-656-3160