Are masks required at Commencement?

No.  Current University policy applies to commencement. This means that masks are optional in indoor and outdoor settings at UVM for all students, employees, visitors, and guests.  You should feel free to wear a mask at Commencement, but masks are not required.  For more details about UVM’s Face Covering Policy, please visit:

Will there be COVID-19 related capacity limits in effect for indoor Commencement ceremonies?

No. The University follows state guidance and the state has removed the COVID-related capacity limits. This means that, other than existing fire code capacities for indoor spaces, there are no additional restrictions on the number of individuals who can be present at events.

Will you be checking the vaccination status of guests at Commencement?

No.  UVM expects that anyone eligible to receive the vaccine will be fully vaccinated.  We will not be checking vaccine status or asking guests to confirm that they have been vaccinated.

Are students, faculty, and staff at UVM vaccinated?

Unless there is an approved medical or religious exemption, yes; 100% of eligible UVM students and 100% of UVM employees are compliant with UVM’s COVID-19 vaccine policy.

What accommodations are you making for immuno-compromised guests and students at commencement?

We are livestreaming the Commencement for anyone who cannot attend in person.  For more information please visit: [LINK TO COME]

What other precautions is the University taking to stop the spread of COVID-19?

The University continues to follow the Vermont Department of Health guidance for isolation, quarantine, and testing.  For more information on our current procedures, please visit:

Is there any reason why I should not come to Commencement?

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have recently tested positive for COVID-19 and have not completed your isolation, please do not come to campus.  We invite you to watch the Commencement ceremonies through our livestream link.

Where can I get more information about UVM’s current COVID-19 policies?

Our current COVID-19 policies can be found here:  If you have any questions about our policies, please reach out to