students in caps and gowns

While May 2020 commencement ceremonies on campus will not occur as originally planned this year due to coronavirus restrictions on large gatherings, we realize our graduates may still want to celebrate and have the opportunity to take their own graduation photos with their well-earned cap and gown.

Academic regalia for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees will be available beginning Monday, April 27 through the UVM Bookstore website.

Note: when ordering your regalia, please enter an event date two weeks out from when you place the order as delivery times are around 2 weeks based on the number of orders the company is fulfilling nationally.  Orders must be placed by May 31, 2020.  Once a new ceremony date is established for the Class of 2020 Commencement, information regarding ordering regalia will be updated.

Students may purchase either complete sets of regalia for all degrees or individual parts of the complete regalia set  (tassel, mortarboard, tam, stole, or hood). Caps and gowns are made of Oak Hall’s GreenWeaver material, a lightweight polyester-like material made from 23 post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.


Complete Bachelor’s regalia $72.00
Bachelor's stole only $39.00
Bachelor's tassel only $5.00
Bachelor's mortarboard only $10.00
Complete Master’s regalia $75.00
Master's hood only $36.00
Master's tassel only $5.00
Master's mortarboard only $10.00
Complete Doctoral regalia with mortarboard $85.00
Complete Doctoral regalia with tam $125.00
Doctoral hood only $41.00
Doctoral tassel only $7.00
Doctoral mortarboard only $10.00
Doctoral tam and tassel only $47.00