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The College of Nursing and Health Sciences strategic plan will outline vital steps to enhance student success, expand our research strengths, and partner with our communities and the state of Vermont.

Strategic Areas

In the spring of 2022, all members of the CNHS community were invited to propose a future direction for the college. The CNHS leadership team reviewed, categorized, and prioritized these suggestions into the six strategic areas of growth listed below. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Create intentional culture of inclusivity, equity, and diversity for all CNHS faculty, staff, students, and the community as a core tenet of our strategic mission of the college

Health and Wellness 

Strive to embody integrated health and wellness for faculty, staff, students, and the community

Teaching and Research

Invest strategically in the recruitment and retention of diverse teacher-scholars preeminent in their fields to accelerate and enhance the teaching and research mission of the college.

Student Success

Create an outstanding, innovative, and sustainable educational experience for our students.


Develop strong philanthropic partnerships to develop new research and educational opportunities for our college.

Equity of Voice

Foster an environment where faculty, staff, and students have equity of voice in the strategic mission of the college.

Get Involved

Interested CNHS students, faculty, staff, and Advisory Board members are invited to volunteer on a Strategic Doing team. Email Meredith Grasso at meredith.grasso@med.uvm.edu to join.

View the draft plan 

2022 Planning Timeline


  • Introduction to Strategic Doing


  • Idea collection for strategic planning 


  • Virtual interactive meeting about strategic planning with Dean Anderson


  • Strategic planning retreat
  • Drafting of college strategic action plan

August onward

  • Development and implementation of projects to support identified priorities


What is Strategic Doing?

Strategic Doing is a process that enables groups to form collaborations quickly, define and move toward measurable outcomes, and make adjustments along the way. Participants are guided through structured conversations and workshop exercises to define opportunities, outcomes, projects, and action and follow-up plans.

Our planning efforts will focus on four key questions:

What could we do together?

What should we do together?

What will we do together?

What's our 30/30 (check-in plan)?

About the Planning Process

Dr. Noma Anderson was appointed Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences on February 1, 2021, following the 2020 expiration of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences' previous strategic plan. In researching approaches to apply to the next strategic planning process, the values and concepts of the Strategic Doing approach resonated deeply with the leadership team. A request for proposals outlining a year-long process that would apply Strategic Doing to the development of a new strategic plan was issued, and AtKisson Training Group (ATG) was selected to guide the project.

View the 2016-2020 College of Nursing and Health Sciences Strategic Plan (PDF) >>