Research Funding Opportunities

The following internal funding opportunities are available to CNHS faculty.

Dean's Research Incentive Grant

One-year research grants up to $30,000 are available to fund research within the College that has a high potential for extramural funding. 

Dean's Curriculum Innovation Grant

One-year awards up to $5,000 are available to support the development of new educational programs, courses, travel courses, approaches to pedagogy, curricular collaborations across disciplines, and/or technologies to support innovation in the classroom.

Patricia A. Prelock Nursing and Health Sciences Research Award

Annual award of $3000 to a faculty member who is actively engaged in mentoring students (undergraduate and/or graduate) in high quality research. 

Research Support Funds

This process is designed to handle miscellaneous requests by faculty to support research temporarily. Funding is not guaranteed and is contingent upon available funds. 

Supplemental Professional Development Funds

Up to $20,000 are available for supplemental professional development funds to support conference attendance, for faculty members who have already used their allotted departmental professional development funds.

CNHS is committed to providing research experiences for undergraduate and graduate students. UVM Fellowships, Opportunities and Undergraduate Research connects faculty with students seeking research experience.