Department of Nursing faculty engage in qualitative and quantitative research, advancing the field in areas including cultural competency, successful aging, rural health and end of life care.

Faculty/Staff Member Area of Expertise and/or Research

Michael Abajian, M.D., M.P.H.

Vermont Department of Health Internship: Creation of Vermont State Health Plan

Margaret Aitken, D.N.P., APRN

Adult primary care

Jennifer Allaire, M.S., APRN

Adult primary care, palliative care

Marcia Bosek, D.N.Sc., RN

Ethical decision-making, qualitative methods, simulation learning

Brandon Brown, M.S., RN, CNL

Medical-surgical nursing, nursing education, nursing practice and climate change

Carol Buck-Rolland, Ed.D., APRN

Development of cultural competency, pediatric care

Tara Burnham, M.S., RN

Clinical care

Teresa Cahill-Griffin, M.S., RN

Nursing administration

Robin K. Collier, M.S., RN

Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator

Rosemary L. Dale, Ed.D., APRN

Administration and management, congestive heart failure, hypertension

Patricia Donehower, M.S.

Nursing administration, outpatient services

Elizabeth Ellis-Kempner, M.S.

Dance/movement, maternal-child, family and urgent care nursing

Jason Garbarino, D.N.P., RN-BC, CNL

Gerontology, Service-Learning Pedagogy, Clinical Nurse Leader

Emily Glassman, RN

Critical care

Brenda Hamel-Bissell, Ed.D., RN

Mental health, psychiatric illness, substance use assessment and treatment

Christina Harlow, D.N.P., FNP-BC, APRN

Primary care, integrative medicine, depression and anxiety in primary care

Melanie Keiffer, D.N.P., APRN, CNE

Nurse Practitioner Competency, Nursing Education, Telehealth, Evidence Based Practice, Quality Improvement Outcomes

Jennifer Laurent, Ph.D., APRN

Dr. Laurent’s research focuses largely on how dietary sugars affect brain reward circuits, gut metabolism, and eating behaviors such as addictive-like eating in obese adolescents.

Nancy Lemieux, M.S., RN, CHSE

Clinical simulation, interprofessional education, emergency nursing

Laura Foran Lewis, Ph.D., RN

Autism Spectrum Disorder, qualitative research methods

Islane Raymond Louis, M.S., RN

Psychiatry/mental health

Hendrika Maltby, Ph.D., RN

Cultural competency, nursing education

Rebecca Marin, M.S., FNP

Family medicine/primary care

Lili Martin, M.S.N., RN, PCCN

Nursing education, medical-surgical nursing, simulation, active learning

Loretta G. McManus, M.S., RN, LNHA

Acute care hospital settings, long-term care/complex environment, gerontology

Genell Mikkalson, M.S., CNM, APRN, RN

Consultant on incivility and unkindness in the healthcare workplace Midwifery, Maternal Child and Women's Health Socio-Political Issues in Women's Health Sex Education

Kathleen Monforte, M.S., RN, PCCN

Nursing Education, Medical-Surgical Nursing

Rebecca Nagle, M.S., PNP, RN


Sarah Narkewicz, M.S., RN, CDE

Community health improvement, diabetes education, pediatric nursing, quality improvement, care coordination.

Mary Val Palumbo, D.N.P., APRN

Interprofessional education, nursing workforce, Alzheimer's disease

Jean Pelski, Ph.D., APRN, NNP-BC

Established neonatal nurse practitioner with a commitment to professional practice by educating the next generation of advanced practice clinicians and exemplary nurse practitioner faculty leaders.

Kerry S. Prendergast

Gerontology, wound care

Sarah Pinard Rogers, M.S., RN

Maternal/newborn care, surgical/pediatric intensive care nursing

Janelle Sarnevitz, M.S.N.

Medical-surgical nursing and nursing education

Abilene A. Smith, M.S., M.H.A., RN

Nurse case management, utilization review, acute care rehabilitation, stroke management

Mario Trabulsy, M.D.

Curriculum design, mentoring, simulation

Deborah Wachtel, D.N.P., M.P.H., APRN

Endocrinology with a focus on diabetes and obesity, health care reform/health policy, harm reduction

Ellen Watson, M.S., APRN

Experienced with behavioral health issues in a primary care setting, quality improvement and assurance

Holly Whitcomb, M.S., FNP

Family medicine/primary care

Stuart L. Whitney, Ed.D., RN, CNL

  • Clinical Practice
  • Curricular/ Nursing Education
  • Educational Leadership & Policy

Rosemary Wosky, M.S., M.Ed., RN-C

Maternal and child public health, health promotion, emergency preparedness, epidemiology, global health, humanitarian medical assistance