Department of Nursing faculty engage in qualitative and quantitative research, advancing the field in areas including cultural competency, successful aging, rural health and end of life care.

Faculty/Staff Member Area of Expertise and/or Research

Michael Abajian, MD, MPH

  • Vermont Department of Health Internship: Creation of Vermont State Health Plan

Sarah Abrams, PhD, RN

  • Development of cultural competency and outcome measurement for cultural competency
  • Health status and infrastructure in developing countries
  • Nursing history

Margaret Aitken, MS, APRN

  • Adult Primary Care

Jennifer Allaire, MS, APRN

  • Adult Primary Care
  • Palliative Care

Jean Beatson, EdD, RN

  • Family-centered practice
  • Cross-cultural health care
  • Integration of health and education

Marcia Bosek, DNSc, RN

  • Ethical decision-making
  • Qualitative methods
  • Simulation learning

Brandon Brown, MS, RN, CNL

  • Medical Surgical Nursing
  • Nursing Education

Carol Buck-Rolland, EdD, APRN

  • Development of cultural competency
  • Pediatric Care

Tara Burnham, MS, RN

  • Clinical Care

Rosemary L. Dale, EdD, APRN

  • Administration and Management
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Hypertension

Elizabeth Ellis-Kempner, MS

  • Dance/movement
  • Maternal-child, family and urgent care nursing

Jason Garbarino, DNP, RN, CNL

  • Gerontological Nursing
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing

Mary Alice Giannoni, MSN, APRN

  • Maternal Child Health

Brenda Hamel-Bissell, EdD, RN

  • Mental Health
  • Psychiatric Illness
  • Substance Use
  • Assessment and Treatment

Jennifer Laurent, PhD, APRN

  • Childhood and Adolescent Obesity
  • Addictive Disorders
  • Eating Behaviors in Obese Adolescents
  • Food Environment

Nancy LeMieux, MSN, RN, CHSE

  • Clinical Simulation
  • Interprofessional Education
  • Emergency Nursing

Laura Foran Lewis, PhD, RN

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Qualitative Research Methods

Ellen Long-Middleton, PhD, APRN

  • HIV prevention in adolescent young women
  • Delivery of interprofessional primary care services
  • The role of nurse practitioners in national and international communities

Hendrika Maltby, PhD, RN

  • Cultural competency across nursing programs
  • Community-based issues
  • Development of cultural immersion model

Loretta G. McManus, RN, MS, LNHA

  • Acute care hospital settings
  • Long term care complex environment
  • Gerontology

Genell Mikkalson, CNM, APRN, RN

  • Midwifery
  • Incivility and unkindness in the healthcare workplace
  • Sex Therapy

Rebecca Nagle, MS, PNP, RN

  • Pediatrics

Sarah Narkewicz, RN, MS, CDE

  • Community Health Improvement
  • Diabetes Education
  • Quality Improvement
  • Chronic Disease Self-Management
  • Care Coordination
  • Community Health Needs Assessment
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Asthma Management
  • Grants Management

Amy M. O'Meara, DrNP, APRN

  • Reproductive health care
  • Adult Gerontology
  • Maternal Child Nursing

Mary Val Palumbo, DNP, APRN

  • Interprofessional education
  • Nursing workforce
  • Alzheimer's disease

Sarah Pinard Rogers, MSN, RN

  • Maternal/Newborn Care
  • Surgical/Pediatric Intensive Care Nursing

Abilene A. Smith, MHA, MSN, RN

  • Nurse case management
  • Utilization review
  • Acute care rehabilitation
  • Stroke management

Deborah Wachtel, DNP, MPH, APRN

  • Endocrinology with a focus on diabetes and obesity
  • Health care reform/ Health policy
  • Harm reduction

Ellen Watson, MS, APRN

  • Health Behavior Change
  • Behavioral Health in Primary Care

Stuart L. Whitney, EdD, CNL, RN

  • Clinical Practice
  • Curricular/ Nursing Education
  • Educational Leadership & Policy