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November 2021
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  • Nominations open - UVM Alumni Association Awards

  • Applications due - Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching Certificate

  • Infant and toddler screening

  • Virtual info session: Master of Science in Physical Activity and Wellness Science

  • Virtual info session: Graduate Nursing

  • ...
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Person wearing nursing scrubs putting a personal protective mask on their face with worried expression

What's It Really Like to Be a Nurse During a Pandemic?

Nursing, as a profession, received heightened attention during the COVID pandemic. Nurses are hailed as heroes, employed in dangerous front-line work, battling exhaustion and burnout. In reality, the experiences of individual nurses vary by type of position, geographic location and career experience.

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Two woman in classroom

UVM Researchers Conclude Nutrition is Key to Reducing Fall Risk Among Older Vermonters

What state has the highest percentage of elderly residents? If you guessed Florida or Arizona, traditional retirement retreats for older Americans, you wouldn’t be far from wrong.

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