The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders’ Eleanor M. Luse Center offers a 10% reduction from the retail cost of hearing aids selected and fitted through the Eleanor M. Luse Center Audiology Clinic to UVM staff, faculty, retirees and their families.

All professional fees (hearing evaluation, hearing aid selection, ear molds, fitting, and follow-up) normally applied are in effect. The same protocols for best practice and care to ensure maximum benefit are used.  As always, the best designed, most advanced technology and durable instruments available are selected based on listening needs.  The 45-day return period (Vermont law and enforced whenever and wherever hearing aids are provided inside Vermont) applies as usual. To qualify for the benefit, the individual seeking a fitting must be enrolled in UVM insurance (BCBS).  Learn more about the Eleanor M. Luse Audiology Clinic.

* This benefit is supported and administered by the Eleanor M. Luse Center Audiology Clinic, which is part of the UVM Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. This is not part of an insurance benefit or program. Nor is it related to any incentive program.


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