To process a Leave of Absence, please contact your academic advisor.

A leave of absence means that a student in good standing, who is eligible for continued enrollment, ceases to be enrolled and is guaranteed readmission.

Process for Leave of Absence

  1. Student submits a written application for a leave of absence to the Dean's Office prior to the beginning of the semester that the leave will take effect. To be confirmed, leave forms must be signed by both the student and their Dean's Office.
  2. Leaves are granted for a finite period of time, and normally may not exceed four semesters.
  3. While on leave, the student's status is temporarily inactivated. We recommend students contact the Dean's Office for readmission by October 31 or March 31 (preceding the appropriate semester) to insure registration status. A leave does not guarantee housing upon a student's return. Please see UVM Admissions for important information and application for readmission.
  4. Unused financial aid will not be carried over. Upon readmission, students must reapply for financial aid according to the Office of Student Financial Services policies and procedures in effect at that time.