The College of Nursing and Health Sciences Dean's Innovation in Teaching Award recognizes teaching that engages students in an experiential manner, develops their reflective thinking,and is responsive to CNHS strategic goals for integrating clinical simulation, internationalization, interprofessional education and integrative health.

This award highlights 'breakthroughs' in teaching or curriculum development that demonstrates a faculty member's ability to re-examine their approach to teaching a particular course or designing a particular curriculum that advances learning. The recipient will be featured on the CNHS Wall of Excellence and receive an award of $1,500.00 that can be used to support teaching and/or professional development. The recipient will present a talk on their teaching or curricular innovations to the CNHS faculty the subsequent academic year during a CNHS faculty meeting or brown bag lunch.

Eligibility and Nomination

  • All tenure and non-tenure track faculty members with an appointment in CNHS who have taught a course or developed a curriculum within the CNHS during the last calendar year
  • Courses may include those in the HLTH portfolio as well as Honors College courses
  • Faculty who team teach a course are eligible
  • Past recipients are ineligible for three years
  • Past nominees are eligible, but must be re-nominated. Materials need to be resubmitted and appropriately updated.
  • Nominations may be made by individuals, self or others, who are employed by CNHS. It is the responsibility of the nominator(s) and nominee(s) to insure that all required materials are submitted to the Innovation in Teaching Award Committee
  • The Dean's Innovation in Teaching Award winner will sit on the committee the year following his/her award
  • Anyone on the committee who is nominated in a particular year, will step away from the selection committee and another faculty will be added from the pool of KM nominees in the College
  • Nominations must include statement from both the nominator and the nominee regarding why this individual should receive the Dean's Innovation in Teaching Award
  • No award shall be made in any year in which it is determined by the Innovation in Teaching Award Committee that no deserving candidates have been nominated


Nomination materials are to be submitted electronically to the dean's assistant. It is the responsibility of the nominator to ensure that submissions are in the proper form and submitted by the deadline:

  • A 500-word nomination statement written by the nominator explaining why the nominee should receive the Dean's Excellence in Teaching Award, including:
    • An explanation of why the nominee's teaching or curriculum development is a breakthrough event in teaching and why this should be recognized
    • Student feedback if this available, although this is not required
  • A 500-word narrative written by the nominee including the following:
  • What motivated the course or curriculum change
  • How this change or innovation is a breakthrough event in the nominee's teaching
  • Evidence from peers and students
  • A copy of the nominee's current curriculum vitae

If necessary, the Excellence in Teaching Award Committee will request additional information from the nominator and/or the nominee.

Criteria for Evaluation of Submissions

Materials submitted to the Innovation in Teaching Award Committee in support of each nomination will be evaluated for evidence of innovation in teaching and curriculum development, as follows:

  1. Evidence of techniques and activities that engage students in individualized, experiential learning and develop reflective/critical thinking and decision-making.
  2. Evidence of multi-modal teaching strategies that include but are not limited to: clinical simulation, flipped classrooms, interprofessional education, travel based learning, and/or integrative health.
  3. Evidence of novel application of evidence based pedagogy, curriculum development, and/or inter-professional training.
  4. Other evidence as available of cutting-edge, innovative teaching strategies that advance learning and teaching excellence.

Prepared 10-29-14

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