The Dean's Alumni Award honors an alumna or alumnus of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences for professional accomplishment, service, and/or career and lifetime achievement. The Dean will choose the recipient from the candidates put forward, and the recipient's name and photo will be displayed on the Dean's Wall of Excellence in Rowell Hall.

Eligibility and Nomination

  • All College of Nursing and Health Sciences alumni are eligible for nomination.
  • Nominations may be made by CNHS students, staff, or faculty. Self-nominations are acceptable.
  • Criteria for the three award areas include:

Professional Achievement

Recognizes a single instance, or instances, of outstanding professional achievement bringing distinction to the nominee, credit to the College and to UVM, and significant benefit to local, national, and/or international communities.

Alumni Service

Honors service to the College that makes a significant impact. The impact may occur through interaction with students, the development of new knowledge through scholarship or research, or the provision of financial support that helps secure critical aspects for the future of the College.

Career and Lifetime Achievement

Recognizes not just a single remarkable achievement, but the career and lifetime achievement of the nominee. The recipient will have maintained extremely high station in their field of endeavor and in their service to society.


Please submit a 500-word statement explaining why the nominee should receive the Dean's Alumni Award.