April 20, 2022, 9 AM - 12 PM, University of Vermont Davis Center

Sessions also available via Zoom.


Sugar Maple Ballroom

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Silver Maple Ballroom

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Williams Family Room

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9-9:20 AMWarren McDermott: “Implementing SBIRT in a Critical Access Emergency Department”Jacob Burns: “Using Audit and Feedback to Improve Complicance to Medication-Assisted Treatment Recommendations”Robyn Santor: “Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: Assessing Practice and Challenges in Vermont Hospitals”
9:20-9:40 AMVictoria Greenough: “Developing a Telehealth Protocol for Cognitive Testing”Corinne Webb: “Creation of a Parent- Directed Toolkit to Address Youth Vaping”Brigid J. Meehan-Brese: “The Vermont Safe Infant Sleep Project: Evaluation of the Online Learning Module”
9:40-10 AMKim O'Leary: “Optimizing Secure Patient Messaging Workflow”Edna Tang: “Improving Knowledge and Competency of Self-Monitored Blood Pressure in Older Adults”Meredith Brady: “Behavioral Intervention Education in Primary Care to Address Pediatric Functional Constipation: A Feasibility Assessment”
10:20-10:40 AMRebecca Pickering: “TXT4TOC: Improving the Transition Process for Teens with Chronic Health Needs”Emily Rocheleau: “Evaluating the Indirect Effects of a Child Community-Based Obesity Prevention Program on Adult Health Behaviors”Emily Wasserman: “Improving Sexual Health Knowledge in College Students”
10:40-11 AMJunelle Shepard: “Adolescent Suicide Prevention via Parental Education”Lauren Ozimek:“Improving Mental Health Documentation Through Education”Kori Gargano: "Improving Continuous Glucose Knowledge in  Primary Care Providers"
11-11:20 AMTyler Wilson: “Increasing Inpatient Access to Palliative Care Consultations: A Quality Improvement Study”Kaitlyn Surwilo: “Adolescsent Suicide prevention via Parental Education ”Morgan Via: “Implementation of Adverse  Childhood Experiences Screening Tool for Providers in Primary Care Pediatrics”
11:20-11:40 AMJacob Woller: “Oncology Nurse Hazardous Drug Safe Handling Competencies”Kristen Knight: "ERAS: Improving Surgical Experience in Hip Fracture Surgery"Kay Stones: “Improving Knowledge of Guidelines on Pediatric Patients in Foster Care”
11:40 AM-12 PMKristin Luce: “Increasing Utilization of the Delirium Prevention Protocol in Post Cardiovascular Surgery to Improve Quality and Safety of Healthcare”Erik Wilson: “Care Coordination and Empowerment in People with Type 2 Diabetes”