UVM Green and University Row

Our diverse, multicultural and inclusive community

Central to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences’ mission is the goal to prepare members of our community to be globally responsible and engaged citizens. We value the identity and background of every individual and our capacity to create positive and productive connections as a community.

  • A student builds a snowman on the campus green

    A History of Diversity at UVM

    Establishing a diverse and inclusive culture is a priority at the University of Vermont. UVM's diversity timeline notes major diversity movements, obstacles and victories in our campus history. Learn more >>

We value the thoughts, concerns, and ideas of all community members

Our journey toward establishing a diverse, multicultural and inclusive community has been led by committed and courageous students, faculty, staff and institutional leaders who have understood that, to be an institution of true academic excellence, UVM must consider the knowledge, skills and diverse experiences of all.

This value is reflected in our inclusive and accessible living, learning and work environments; in our business operations and organizational processes; and continued open dialogue involving the diverse thoughts, concerns, and ideas of members of our community.

Our Vision for an Inclusive Campus

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences' Framework for Inclusive Excellence is a working document modeled after UVM's Framework for Building a More Diverse, Inclusive and Multiculturally Competent Campus.

Discrimination and hate violence are unacceptable at UVM. If you've been the target of bias or hate, or if you've witnessed it, here's how to report it.

Mosaic Center for Students of Color

The MCSC supports African, Latino(a), Asian, Native American, Multiracial and New American students at UVM.

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UVM holds that diversity and academic excellence are inseparable. Read UVM's Why Diversity Statement (PDF).