Charge of the CNHS Curriculum Planning Committee

The responsibility of this committee is to ensure the integrity of the curricular review process and to review, on behalf of the faculty, the approval or discontinuance of courses, programs, majors, and minors. Procedures related to the planning, review and approval of programs, courses, or other educational enterprises shall be approved by the Curriculum Planning Committee (CPC). The Committee will also advise and approve interdisciplinary courses and proposals or external proposals with relevance to the College.

Membership and Chair

The CPC membership is composed of one faculty member from each department of the College. Members are elected by departmental faculty in the spring semester for anticipated openings in the following academic year. Committee appointments are normally for three academic years. Committee members have the responsibility to provide information to their respective departments and to assure that views of the faculty are represented in curricular deliberations relevant to multiple departments.

The CPC Chairperson is selected by members of the committee. S/he provides regular updates to the faculty of the CNHS during faculty meetings. They also provide the Dean with a written year-end report of work accomplished or in progress at the end of the academic year. All meetings of the CPC are open to faculty and students of the College, unless there are matters that require the Committee to meet in Executive Session. Meeting minutes are posted on the college shared drive and available for review.

Committee Members

Curriculum Planning Committee Members




Term Ends

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Elizabeth Adams, Au.D.

Audiology Coordinator & Clinical Professor

(CPC Chairperson)

May 2022

Biomedical & Health Sciences

Koela Ray, M.S.

Senior Lecturer

May 2024



Tara Burnham, M.S., RN

Clinical Instructor

May 2026

Rehabilitation & Movement Science

Kit Vreeland, Ed.D., M.B., ATC

Clinical Associate Professor

May 2021

Dean’s Office

Jeremy Sibold, Ed.D., ATC

Associate Dean

Ex officio


Course Action Forms (CAFs)

All faculty have access to UVM’s Courseleaf system for electronic submission of CAFs. For new courses, course changes, course deletion, or course de-activation, submit a CAF. The deadline to submit Course Action Forms to CNHS CPC for the next academic year is November 15.

Please review the University of Vermont Course Action Process (PDF) to facilitate submission.

Submit a Course Action Form

Timeline for New Program Proposals

The following schedule developed by the CPC will facilitate faculty review on interdisciplinary proposals and it also will provide department chairs with a schedule to facilitate planning workload adjustments for faculty participating in the creation of all new proposals. This timeline is recommended to begin effective AY18-19.

Previous Spring Semester (one AY prior to pre-proposal submission due date)

Chair identifies faculty member(s) to author pre-proposal and appropriate workload is designated for the next AY (pre-proposal workload adjustment for the fall semester and formal proposal workload adjustment in the spring semester).

Spring Semester

  • January 15: Pre-proposal (PDF) or Travel Course Pre-proposal (PDF) due to leadership team for review and approval of the concept, strategic need, and financial viability using the CNHS decision-making criteria to move forward on a full proposal to the CPC.
  • March 30: Formal proposal sent to CPC for initial review.*
  • April – May: CPC completes first review of proposal and faculty comments (if interdisciplinary). Proposal returned to proposers with comments and suggested revisions, along with a summary of faculty feedback (if interdisciplinary). Proposers work with Dean’s office to finalize budgetary needs and enrollment for inclusion in final proposal submission.
  • October 1: Final submission of proposal to CPC for review and submission to Provost’s office.

* College faculty will have an opportunity to review proposals that have interdisciplinary implications within the College. These proposals will be forwarded to faculty after the March 30 deadline via the CNHS faculty list-serve with request for comments (two-week comment period).

For more information, contact:

Meeting Schedule

Fall 2023

Mondays from 2:30-3:30 p.m. in 201B Rowell Building