Committee Charge

The primary functions and responsibilities of the Committee on Inclusive Excellence (CIE) include promotion and integration of the tenets in Our Common Ground throughout the culture, operations, and functions of the CNHS. The Committee will create, advise and recommend priorities for strategic diversity engagement at all levels and in all areas of the CNHS, track emerging diversity issues at the CNHS as well as review, update, monitor, and endorse major documents and initiatives through a diversity lens (e.g., the strategic diversity plan). The CIE will meet with the CNHS Dean each semester to discuss strategic diversity engagement and make an annual presentation/report to the Dean and faculty about the CIE’s progress on advancing strategic institutional diversity goals. Lastly, the CIE shall provide opportunities for members of the CNHS community to share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas regarding diversity and inclusion at the University of Vermont.


Committee members represent each department and interdisciplinary program in the College and include faculty and staff with a broad range of positions and responsibilities. Student ambassadors are also encouraged to join the initiative encouraging all CNHS personnel to build a strong understanding of social justice and infuse that awareness into their lives, office environments, curricula, clinical and classroom settings. Committee members meet regularly with the dean to recommend strategic priorities for diversity engagement. Students, faculty and staff interested in topics of disability/ability, racial/ethnic diversity, white privilege, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion/spirituality or equity are welcome to join the committee.