Medical laboratory science students in lab

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences' Commitment to Teaching and Advising

Academic advising is a strength and focus of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Our responsibility to prepare students for challenging roles in the health care professions requires that we provide carefully tailored advising to ensure their academic success and preparation for clinical experiences within the curriculum, and to adequately prepare them for certification and/or licensure in their respective fields.

Advising Best Practices

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences' advising program is based on current best practices, and our services are deliberately constructed to ensure developmentally responsive advisement. A comprehensive four-year career plan complements students' one-on-one advising conversations. Read the full College of Nursing and Health Sciences Academic Advising Plan.

Teaching Evaluation and Annual Review

The College upholds a model for teaching excellence that takes into account student feedback, peer evaluation, and faculty teaching portfolio review. Read more about the College of Nursing and Health Sciences' process for teaching evaluation.

Scholarly Productivity and Impact Metrics

Scholarly productivity and impact guide our approach to achieving our strategic objectives in the preparation of competent, highly qualified health professionals, implementation of educational innovations, and the facilitation of translational research. The following metrics are used to measure these achievements:

  • Peer reviewed publications
  • Peer reviewed presentations
  • All faculty publications
  • External grant applications (research, teaching/training, outreach/service)
  • Graduate pass rates at or above the national average for licensure or certification

Read more about the College of Nursing and Health Sciences' process for measuring scholarly productivity and impact.