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A whole as amazing as its parts

The LINKS program matches first-year College of Nursing and Health Sciences students with peer mentors who are excited to connect them to the university, the college, their major and the greater Burlington community.

About the LINKS

LINKS mentors offer support from day one. They'll help you move in. Show you around campus. Offer advice. And from pop-up ice cream socials to pasta dinners to study groups and chocolate-fueled first exam debrief gatherings, LINKS know how to have fun. They've also faced challenges and learned where to find support; and they're happy to tell you all about their experiences.

"My LINK helped me figure lots of things out, from campus navigation to textbook purchases, and it was those little things that really made my transition easier." - Chace Perkins '17

Academic Insiders

Student with mentor

LINKS are essentially “on-call” through the fall semester to answer questions and provide guidance. They're great resources for answers to day-to-day concerns and can facilitate connections with advisors and other campus support areas including:

Community Connections

Students at Ben and Jerry's on campus.

LINKS provide a connection to UVM and the greater Burlington community, offering friendship and fun activities like fall hikes, movie marathons, first exam debrief gatherings (maybe a little less fun, but with chocolate) and community meals.