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laptop iconThis page is for the College of Nursing and Health Sciences to document communications and share helpful resources in transitioning to remote instruction. 

Thank you for your patience and flexibility during this time of transition. Let's continue working collaboratively, learning together, and finding new ways to thrive.

Working remotely is new for me. How do I get started?

This guide is intended to serve as a repository of resources available to students, faculty, and staff in recognition of an evolving work culture that includes flexible work schedules and working/learning remotely.

Can I use my personal computer for remote work?

It is recommended that you use a UVM-owned computer when working from off-campus as it already meets the requirements of our security policy.

  • Personally-owned computers used to conduct University business should be updated with the most recent security patches and their hard drives should be encrypted.
  • Do not store University data on unencrypted devices.

In the event that the employee’s computer does not have an encrypted hard drive, the employee should make use of the VPN to access one of UVM’s network folders to store files related to business of the University.

How do I connect to secure drives (shared drive, MyDocs, Zoo drive, Netfiles, etc.)?

UVM has created a “how-to” guide for connecting to the Shared drive, MyDocs folder, Zoo, and Netfiles. Note that accessing network folders from off-campus may require the use of Cisco AnyConnect VPN software.



This page is not comprehensive and will continue to be updated. Please contact with suggestions for additional content.