CNHS Communications provides support for events, web, written and social media content development and production of promotional materials including video and photography.

Communications efforts focus on the goals outlined in the strategic plan to further the college's academic reputation, attract and retain high-quality students and grow the CNHS research endeavor among key audiences including: prospective and current students and families, alumni and donors, guidance and college counselors, news media, policy makers and academic peers.

Project Planning

Please contact us with story ideas, plans to host an event or brochure and print needs. Following your initial request, we'll develop a project scope and timeline.

Web Content Development

Submit a revision request at any time. Projects requiring substantial planning, reorganization and/or content development will be discussed and prioritized.

Event Promotion

Please contact us for event promotion support, including calendar entries; web, social media and email content development; and print needs.

Print and Photography Needs

Print Needs

We can help develop brochures, posters and other types of print materials. You may also print your own flyers by customizing these templates with the CNHS logo and details of your event.


We have access to an archive of professional photography. If images are not available for your project need, we can coordinate a photo shoot. In your photo request, please describe the type of photos needed, intended use and date required. Request photos >>


  • Audience identification and message development
  • Project management/coordination
  • Event planning and promotion
  • Quality control, editing and proofreading