Deadlines exist for adding new classes to your schedule, dropping classes, and withdrawing from classes. These deadlines are real and must be met. It is very important to discuss any proposed enrollment changes with your faculty advisor. The official dates can be found each semester on the UVM Registrar's website - by clicking on "Important Dates."

Billing and Financial Aid awards can be affected by enrollment changes. For example, if you withdraw from one class and add another, both classes continue to be counted for billing purposes; this can bump your Total Credit Hours for the semester over 18 and result in additional tuition charges. Check with the Student Financial Services Office to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Adding and Dropping Courses: The add/drop period extends through the first 10 days of classes. During this time you can change your schedule simply by accessing Web registration. If you decide to add a class, it is put onto your schedule and your transcript. Similarly, if you decide to drop a class, it is removed from your schedule and never shows up on your transcript.

Late Drops: You may not drop a course late unless you obtain a statement from the instructor that you have NEVER ATTENDED the course. If you have attended the course even once, and you do not drop it by the deadline, you need to withdraw to get out of the class (see below).

Withdrawals: If you want to stop taking a course after the drop period, you may do so up until 4 p.m. Friday of the ninth week of classes. When you withdraw from a class, the course remains on your transcript with a grade of W. To initiate a withdrawal, request a Course Withdrawal Form from the Dean's Office. You do not need anyone's permission to withdraw from a class within the first nine weeks of a semester, but the form does require advisor and instructor signatures. This is simply to assure that these people are informed of the change.

Late Withdrawals: Late withdrawals (after the tenth week of class) are seldom permitted. You may withdraw late only for extraordinary circumstances which are documented in writing, and are typically supported by a recommendation from the Center for Health and Wellbeing, the Counseling Center, or the ACCESS Office. These offices provide a recommendation for action, but they cannot approve a withdrawal; responsibility for approving all late withdrawals rests with the School. To initiate a request, contact the Dean's Office by the last day of classes.

If an emergency gets in the way of your ability to complete course work, discuss the situation with your instructor immediately!

Incompletes: A grade of incomplete may be granted for a course in which work is not completed due to extraordinary circumstances beyond the student's control. To receive an incomplete, you need to provide written documentation of the circumstances. Contact Erica Caloiero in the Dean's Office for assistance.

  • Both the Dean's Office and instructor must agree to grant an incomplete.
  • It is the STUDENT's responsibility to check with the Dean's Office to see if the incomplete has been approved.
  • It is the STUDENT's responsibility to meet with the instructor and determine the nature of the outstanding requirements and set a deadline for completing these requirements. The deadline must be before the beginning of the corresponding semester of the next academic year.
  • It is the INSTRUCTOR's responsibility to verify with the Dean's Office that the reason has been documented and to submit the request for the grade of Incomplete online.