CNHS Links

About the CNHS LINKS Program

CNHS LINKS are returning students who meet regularly with first-year students ("LINKees") during the fall semester to offer academic and social support – serving as a LINK between first-year students and their major, the college and UVM.


  • Establish supportive, mature peer relationships with assigned LINKees
  • Encourage student involvement in campus activities
  • Introduce students to campus resources, such as tutoring, CAPS, ACCESS, library services, and the Career Center
  • Assist students with their adjustment to the campus community (e.g. answer questions, listen to concerns, role model college-level academic and social involvement)
  • Refer students appropriately to campus and community resources
  • Assist faculty as needed in a first-year introductory course
  • Participate regularly on CNHS social media platforms
  • Communicate with OSS staff, including CNHS LINKs staff assistant, via email once per month, or more regularly as needed
  • Attend all trainings and staff meetings


  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Attendance at the following:
    • Spring training session
    • August training session (requires early move-in)
    • NH 50 (once during fall semester)
    • LINKS events: attendance at monthly themed events; monthly LINKS meetings

Important Dates and Compensation

  • Applications Due: Feb. 21
  • Position Offers Sent: Mar. 3

This is a volunteer position. Office of Student Services staff will assist students in constructing resumes which accurately reflect service. In addition, OSS staff will serve as references for potential future employers.