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The nurse practitioners at Appletree Bay have a wealth of experience, including a combined 198 years in nursing, and 102 years of practice as nurse practitioners.

Our areas of expertise include: diabetes, COPD, asthma, hypertension, behavioral health, hyperlipidemia, health promotion and disease prevention, geriatric issues, palliative care and managing the health-related transitions that happen in all phases of life. Home visits are possible.

All Appletree Bay nurse practitioners teach at the University of Vermont in the undergraduate or graduate nursing programs. When we are in the clinic, we work with and mentor registered nurses who are in graduate school to become nurse practitioners. Undergraduate nursing students interested in learning more about primary care are also involved with the clinic.


Margaret Aitken, D.N.P., APRN, Clinical Assistant Professor

Margaret Aitken's nursing practice focuses on primary care for adults. She has a special interest in aging well. Her research is in the area of student education models.


Rosemary Dale, Ed.D., APRN, Clinical Professor and Chair, Holly and Bob Miller Chair in Nursing Leadership

Dr. Rosemary Dale's nursing focus is on the care of adults. She also serves as chair of the Department of Nursing. Dr. Dale has a special interest in hypertension.


Elizabeth Ellis-Kempner, M.S., APRN, Clinical Instructor

Elizabeth Ellis-Kempner's nursing focus is on the primary care of adults and adolescents. She has a special interest in adolescents and in the treatment of acute injuries/illnesses.


Andrea Fossati, M.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine

Dr. Andrea Fossati is a board-certified cardiologist who directs her practice to innovative and preventive health consultation. Dr. Fossati's research interest is the impact of the mind-body connection.


Dr. Deborah Norton, Ed.D., APRN, Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Deborah Norton's nursing focus is the care of adults. Her area of interest and funded research is population health in hypertension and diabetes. She is certified in heart failure treatment and is a diabetes educator.


Deborah WachtelDeborah Wachtel, D.N.P., APRN, Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Deborah Wachtel's nursing focus is on the care of adults. She has a particular interest in medication-assisted treatment for substance abuse disorder and participates in an NIH-funded study related to substance abuse disorder. Additionally, she has an interest in diabetes and obesity.


Ellen Watson, M.S., APRN, Clinical Instructor

Ellen Watson is a family nurse practitioner whose practice focuses on the care of adults. She has a particular interest in the impact of social determinants of health and their influence on patients.

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