CNHS Dean's Award nomination forms, funding applications, research and technology resources, and policies are available below.

Dean's Awards

College of Nursing and Health Sciences Dean's Awards are presented annually to faculty, students, and alumni nominated for exceptional contributions to the College and University communities. Nominations are due March 15.

Faculty Innovation in Teaching

The Dean's Innovation in Teaching Award recognizes teaching that engages students in an experiential manner, develops their reflective thinking, and is responsive to CNHS strategic goals for integrating clinical simulation, internationalization, interprofessional education, and integrative health. Submit a nomination >>

Faculty Excellence in Research

The Dean's Excellence in Research Award recognizes innovation in moving from basic science to practical applications that enhance human health and wellbeing. Submit a nomination >>

Outstanding Undergraduate Student

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences Dean's Undergraduate Student Award recognizes a student who has demonstrated exemplary professional growth and contributions during their tenure at UVM. Submit a nomination >>

Inclusive Excellence

The Dean's Inclusive Excellence Award recognizes recognizes a student, faculty, or staff member who has made a major contribution to create an environment of social justice, inclusion, and equity. Submit a nomination >>

Outstanding Graduate Student

The Dean's Graduate Student Award recognizes a student who has demonstrated exemplary professional growth and contributions during their tenure at UVM. Submit a nomination >>

Distinguished Alumni

The Dean's Distinguished Alumni Award honors an alumna or alumnus of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences for professional accomplishment, service and/or career, and lifetime achievement. Submit a nomination >>

Research Funding and Support

Dean's Research Incentive Grant
Dean's Curriculum Innovation Grant
Research Support
Supplemental Professional Development Funds

Frequently Asked Questions

How can students help me with my research?

Students can help with literature searches, extracting information from surveys and interviews. With a little training, students can help with some data analysis. In laboratory-based research, students can help with the experiments, taking observations etc.

How do I find students who can help me with my research?

Faculty should highlight their research in their faculty profile on the CNHS website. This is the main attraction for students to contact you.

Do I pay students to work on a research project?

No, you do not need to pay students to do research with you. Students are looking to gain experience and are willing to work as volunteers.

Can students earn credits for the work they do on my research project?

Yes, students can earn between 1-6 credits while working on your research project. Your department should have research-based courses or special topics that the students could enroll in.

How do I get in touch with undergraduate students who are interested in research?

UVM's Office of Undergraduate Research connects faculty with students seeking research experience. Complete this survey to be entered into a database accessible to all UVM undergraduate students.