Taking notes in the research lab

Research efforts funded by the Clean Energy Fund include student- and faculty-led research on clean energy projects.

In fall 2016 the Office of Undergraduate Research and the Graduate College each received a $100,000 Clean Energy Fund award to be used over the next three years. Innovative research projects are developed in collaboration with the Graduate College and the Honors College. Both colleges have existing institutional processes for awarding research funding to eligible students. Read the Office of Undergraduate Research and the Graduate College CEF Report (PDF) for more information.

FY18 Undergraduate Fellowships (Beginning balance: $67,711)
Fellowship Total Award Amount Recipients
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) internships $16, 950

Bin Du ($5,650)

Ben Isengard ($5,650)

Olivia Sergiobanni ($5,650)

Public Impact Reseach Award $71,000

Amanda Cole ($4,000)

Eva Hoskins ($3,100)

Travel Award $2,807 Renee Beneski
Mini Grants $1,000 Skylar Bagdon
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) $16,369

Amaliese Keimel ($3,000)

Ben Page ($4,070)

Hannah Turner ($4,299)

Hannah Weiss ($5,000)

FY18 TOTAL AWARDED $44,226  
Expected FY19 balance $23, 485  


FY18 Graduate College Awards (Beginning balance: $59,502)
Recipient Amount
Alex Neidermeier $2,400
Lindsey Barbieri $24,590
Expected FY19 balance $32,602



Research Projects

Seven original research projects have been funded to date through the CEF. Faculty in the College of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences received funding to develop a hybrid street lamp system using helix bamboo wind turbines and solar panels. Two student-led projects looked at the possibility of using compost to heat greenhouses.

Project Expended as of April 2019 Year Departments/Other Project Champion
Undergraduate student research projects $100,000 2016 Honors College Ann Kroll Lerner
Graduate student research projects $100,000 2016 Graduate College Cynthia Forehand
Off-Campus Student Energy Conservation Challenge $20,876 2014 Gund Institute Dan Fredman
Hybrid Street LAmp System with Helix Bamboo Wind Turbines and Solar Panels $33,510 2013 Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Ting Tan, Dr, Tian Xia

Clean Energy Greenhouse $67,425 2012 Community Development & Applied Economics Tad Cooke, Erick Crockenberg
Compst Power: Using Compost Power to Heat a Greenhouse $27,496 2012 Residential Life Services Chloe Wieland, Laurel Valchuis
Organic Solar Cells Fabricated by UVM Students $18,700 2011 Physics Department Dr. Randy Headrick
7 Projects $368,007