The Clean Energy Fund vision of supporting a transition to cleaner energy sources and wiser use of energy includes installing visible new campus systems that would generate cleaner energy and galvanize interest and attention.

    The first infrastructure projects funded by the CEF focused on solar photovoltaics. 17 solar trackers on Spear Street; solar panels at the Ellen A. Hardacre Equine Center in the Miller Research Complex on Spear Street; and solar panels on the roof of the central campus heating and cooling plant next to the library.

    Smaller infrastructure projects included designing and building solar panels for the roof of the Votey building and installing energy-saving devices for the desktop computers in Kalkin.

    In addition to supporting visible projects, CEF has funded several feasibility studies to make decisions about future installations. Already the studies on electric vehicle charging stations, the Johnson House‚Äôs net zero goals, and solar siting have resulted in on-campus projects using other funding sources. 


    Funded Infrastructure Projects & Feasibility Studies
    Project Amounted Awarded Year Departments Involved Alignment to UVM Initiatives Project Champions
    Updated Interpretive Signage for Existing Renewable Energy Installations $3,100 Spring '19 Physical Plant Department   Erica Spiegel
    Green Labs - Refrigerator & Freezer Maintenance $38,798 Fall '18     Michael Lane
    Garden Solar Shed $14,050 Fall '18 College of Agriculture & Life Sciences   Mark Starrett
    Covered Bike Parking $18,700 Fall '18 Transportation & Parking Servcies, students Active Transportation Plan (PDF) Jim Barr, Abby Bleything
    RSENR Net-Zero $3,000 Spring '18 Rubenstein School of Environmental and Natural Resources   Gary Hawley, Jon Erickson
    Bailey-Howe lighting $38,000 Fall '17     Aidan Doherty
    Bike Share $83,000 Fall '17 Transportation & Parking Services   Abby Bleything, Jim Barr
    No Idling $10,000 Fall '17 Transportation Research Center   Abby Bleything, Zach Borst
    Bike shelter for first-year residential hall $100,000 2016 Capital Planning & Management, Physical Plant Department,   Bob Vaughan, Michelle Smith, Luce Hillman
    Building energy tracking & savings software $120,000 2014 Physical Plant Department  

    Luce Hillman, Michael Pelletier

    Improve bicycle access at UVM $32,000 2014 Transportation & Parking Services   Jim Barr, Doug Connelly
    UVM electric vehicle charging station feasibility study $5,100 2014 Transportation Research Center   Michelle McCutcheon-Schour
    Johnson House renewable energy feasibility review $5,500 2014 Gund Institute   Michelle Smith
    UVM central heat plant - solar array upgrade & optimization $131,344 2013 Physical Plant Department, Capital Planning & Management   Richard Wollach
    UVM/community biomass feasibility study $26,819 2013 Capital Planning & Management, UVM Medical Center, Burlington District Energy Service, Burlington Electric Department   Gioia Thompson
    Virtualized desktop computer lab in Kalkin $24,865 2012 School of Business, Enterprise Technology Services   Thomas Chittenden, Michelle Smith
    Comprehensive campus renewable energy feasibility study $63,030 2011 Capital Planning   Michelle Smith
    Green labs program $60,663 2011 Technical Services Partnership   Francis Churchill
    Equine Center solar photovoltaic system $86,340 2010 College of Arts & Sciences   Dr. Josie Davis
    Aiken solar trackers $200,000 2010 Rubenstein School of Environmental & Natural Resources   Gary Hawley
    Solar power & smart grid lab at Votey $27,000 2010 College of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences   Dr. Paul Hines, Dr. Jeff Frolik
    Biomass feasibility study for Trinity campus $1,824 2010 Physical Plant   Gioia Thompson