The Clean Energy Fund vision of supporting a transition to cleaner energy sources and wiser use of energy includes installing visible new campus systems that would generate cleaner energy and galvanize interest and attention.

    The first infrastructure projects funded by the CEF focused on solar photovoltaics. 17 solar trackers on Spear Street; solar panels at the Ellen A. Hardacre Equine Center in the Miller Research Complex on Spear Street; and solar panels on the roof of the central campus heating and cooling plant next to the library.

    Smaller infrastructure projects included designing and building solar panels for the roof of the Votey building and installing energy-saving devices for the desktop computers in Kalkin.

    In addition to supporting visible projects, CEF has funded several feasibility studies to make decisions about future installations. Already the studies on electric vehicle charging stations, the Johnson House’s net zero goals, and solar siting have resulted in on-campus projects using other funding sources. 


    These innovative ideas were designed to advance the mission of the Sustainable Campus Fund.

    ProposalDescriptionProposed byDecisionYear
    UVM Electric Lawn Equipment PilotFund commercial electric lawn mower for Physical Plant Department (PPD) pilot and student intern for data analysisNiels Arentzen, GSB; VT Clean Cities Coalition; Transportation & Parking ServicesMembers supported full funding: $16,900Spring '20
    Support Charging Stations near CCRH Install 2 dual-port charging stations (EVSEs) in the Converse Lot located near CCRH residence hall.Abby Bleything, Transportation & Parking ServicesMembers supported funding up to half ($11,175) of the requested amount and requests that TPS approach BED or other sources to look for additional funding.Spring '20

    Allen House Electric Vehicle Charging Station

    Install a single dual-port ChargePoint electric vehicle charging station near Allen House.Gioia Thompson, Office of Sustainability & Eliana Fox, Vermont Clean Cities CoalitionMembers supported fully funding the charging station: $22,563Fall '19

    Zero Emissions Residence Hall Organics Collection

    Covers one-time, up-front cost of purchasing an e-assist bicycle and trailer for compost collection at 23 residence halls.Corey Berman, Program Manager, UVM RecyclingMembers supported funding the proposal: $6,000.Fall '19

    Howe Library Stack Light Renovation: Phase 2

    Replace outdated, non-LED/CFL lighting above the book shelves on the 2nd floor of the Howe library with motion-sensor activated LEDs.Aidan Doherty CAS, Political Science and and Rich Wolbach, Energy ManagerMembers supported fully funding the proposal:$40,000Fall '19

    Shower Timer Provision to On-Campus Residents

    Provide shower timers for up to 500 on-campus students to reduce water and energy use, thus reducing carbon emissions.Zach Merson, Undergrad, Natural Resources, RSENRMembers supported fully funding the proposal: $3,595Fall '19

    Off-Campus Composting

    Develop off-campus composting for off-campus students, in accordance with new laws requiring composting at the university.Jake Gess & Hannah King, CALS undergradsMembers voted to not fund this proposal & encouraged proposers to return in the spring with a plan for leveraging UVM’s existing composting services to support off-campus students.Fall '19

    Student Parking Pass Buyout

    Fund the buyback of 20 individual parking passes from students through a promotion campaign and incentives (gift card to City Market)Jacob Weinstein, Center for Research on Vermont, UVM Transportation & Parking ServiceMembers voted to not fund the proposal at this time.Fall '19
    Updated Interpretive Signage for Existing Renewable Energy InstallationsSee Spring '19 Executive Summary (PDF)Erica Spiegel, Physical Plant Dept.$3,100Spring '19
    Green Labs - Refrigerator & Freezer MaintenanceSee Fall '18 Executive Summary (PDF)Michael Lane$38,798Fall '18
    Garden Solar ShedSee Fall '18 Executive SummaryMark Starrett, CALS$14,050Fall '18
    Covered Bike ParkingSee Fall '18 Executive SummaryJim Barr, Abby Bleything, TPS; students$18,700Fall '18
    RSENR Net-ZeroSee Spring '18 Executive Summary (PDF)Gary Hawley, Jon Erickson, RSENR$3,000Spring '18
    Bailey-Howe lightingSee Fall '17 Executive Summary (PDF)Aidan Doherty$38,000Fall '17
    Bike ShareSee Fall '17 Executive SummaryAbby Bleything, Jim Barr, TPS$83,000Fall '17
    No IdlingSee Fall '17 Executive SummaryAbby Bleything, Zach Borst, TRC$10,000Fall '17
    Bike shelter for first-year residential hall Luce Hillman, Michael Pelletier, Physical Plant$100,0002016
    Building energy tracking & savings software  $120,0002014
    Improve bicycle access at UVM Jim Barr, Doug Connelly, TPS$32,0002014
    UVM electric vehicle charging station feasibility study Michelle McCutcheon-Schour, TRC$5,1002014
    Johnson House renewable energy feasibility review Michelle Smith; Gund Institute$5,5002014
    UVM central heat plant - solar array upgrade & optimization Rich Wollach, Physical Plant, Capital Planning & Management$131,3442013
    UVM/community biomass feasibility study Gioia Thompson, Capital Planning & Management, UVM Medical Center, Burlington District Energy Service, Burlington Electric Department$26,8192013
    Virtualized desktop computer lab in Kalkin Thomas Chittenden, Michelle Smith, School of Business, Enterprise Technology Services$24,8652012
    Comprehensive campus renewable energy feasibility study Michelle Smith, Capital Planning$63,0302011
    Green labs program Francis Churchill, TSP$60,6632011
    Equine Center solar photovoltaic system Dr. Josie Davis, CAS$86,3402010
    Aiken solar trackers Gary Hawley, RSENR$200,0002010
    Solar power & smart grid lab at Votey Dr. Paul Hines, Dr. Jeff Frolik, CEMS$27,0002010
    Biomass feasibility study for Trinity campus Gioia Thompson; Physical Plant$1,8242010