The Clean Energy Fund is funded by a self-imposed student fee of $10 per student per semester that replenishes the fund with about $250,000 annually.

Monies from the CEF support projects in three categories: infrastructure, academics and co-curricular education, and innovative research. Moving forward, no more than 50% of the total CEF budget will be allocated in any one category; any amount over this percentage for a specific proposal requires approval by the Vice President for Finance. The goal is to expend all available CEF funds every year.

The CEF will not fund course work at other institutions, professional development for individuals, or food or drink for meetings. The CEF will also not fund faculty research. Specific, highly relevant research proposals may be considered if the connection to the campus is explicit.

Fund Expenditures through June 30, 2016

End Use of Fund Total # of Projects %
Infrastructure & feasibility studies $779,350 13 58%
Co-Curricular Activities $72,156 5 5%
Research $168,007 5 13%
Lectures & Seminar Series $83,603 11 6%
Outreach Expenditures $210,513 N/A 16%
CEF Operations $21,843 N/A 2%
TOTAL $1,335,472 34 100%