Each semester, the Socially Responsible Investing Advisory Council identifies opportunities for funding academic efforts by soliciting ideas and proposals from across campus.

Thousands of UVM students have already participated in CEF-sponsored energy-related curricular and co-curricular activities, including lectures, classes, and seminars.

About one-third of CEF funds have been invested in campus-based academic and co-curricular activities. Examples include the Sustainable Transportation Education Initiative, Energy Action Seminar; the seminar series on climate change, food systems, and electric energy; onetime speakers; and sponsorship of the regional Power from the North 2015 conference.

Academic projects have been well received on campus and fill a need for additional classes and lectures on the subject of clean energy and the energy system transition. Attendance and student engagement have been high at all seminars and lecture series. Connecting speakers with students via classes has linked the academic side of the university with the CEF in a meaningful way.

The CEF has supported student involvement since its inception by funding internships and club-related activities that complement the academic curriculum and allow for more learning experiences. Many of the students closely involved with the Clean Energy Fund have gone on to pursue energy-related careers.


Funded Academics & Co-Curricular Education Projects
Project Amount Awarded Year Departments/Other Alignment with UVM Initiates Project Champions
Carbon Offset Resource Internship $1,650 Spring '19     Will Corcoran, SRIAC undergraduate studeent member
Clean Energy Storytelling & Data Collection  $11,160 Spring '19    

Richard Watts, professor, Sophie Smith, student

Energy Action Seminar $30,000 Fall '18     Mark Usher, other faculty
Waste to Clean Energy Lecture Series $17,500 Spring '18     Anju Krivov, lecturer
Sustainable Transportation Education Initiative $3,000 Spring '18     Thomas Maron, Morgan Dreibelbis, Devin Spindel, Deirdre Gill, students
Spring Speaker Series $1,000 Fall '17 Renewable Energy Network (REN)   Jane Stromberg, Holly St. Jean
Energy Action Seminar (2017-18) $23,700 Spring '17 Community Development & Applied Economics   Richard Watts
Headwaters Magazine $2,000 Spring '17 Environmental Studies   Dan Kopin
Power from the North Conference $5,500 2015 Center for Research on Vermont   Dr. Jennie Stephens, Richard Watts, Dr. David Massell
Student Energy Action Seminar Series $15,171 2014 Community Development & Applied Economics   Richard Watts, Dr. Jane Kolodinsky
CEF Lecture Series: Campus Food & Energy Seminar Series $7,682 2014 Food Systems Program   Dr. Doug Lantagne, Richard Watts, Dr. Amy Trubeck, Alison Nihart
Energy Action Seminar (2014) $14,631 2014 Environmental Studies   Richard Watts, Stephanie Kaza
Smart Grid Seminar Series $4,172 2014 Integrative Graduate Education and Training   Curtis Saunders
Anaerobic Digestion Guest Lecturer $1,500 2014 Plant & Soil Science   Victor Izzo
Renewable Energy Network $6,300 2014 Student Government Association   Frederick Hall '15
Clean Energy Internship Program $12,335 2014 Rubenstein School of Environmental & Natural Resources   Dr. Amy Siedl
Cow Power Research $8,260 2014 Office of Sustainability, Extension Service, Green Mountain Power   Gioia Thompson
GreenSpeed4 $21,792 2014 Electrical Engineering   Dr. Jeff Frolik
"Vermont's Energy Future" Keynote Speaker, James Howard Kunstler $4,000 2013 Center for Research on Vermont   Richard Watts
Energy Action Seminar (2013) $10,685 2013 Community Development & Applied Economics   Richard Watts, Joan White
CleanSpeed: A Student-Developed Zero-Emissions Vehicle $23,469 2012 Electrical Engineering   Dr. Jeff Frolik
Climate Action Seminar $11,297 2012 Environmental Studies   Dr. Amy Siedl, Rachael Beddoe
Energy Auditing & Retrofitting Course $2,965 2010 Rubenstein School of Environmental & Natural Resources   Gary Flomenhoft
Virtual Solar Carport Course $6,000 2010 Transportation Research Center   Richard Watts