2020-2021 UVM Tarrant Institute Professional Learning Series

Each month, we host webinars with in-classroom practitioners and scholars, on a variety of topics with immediate relevance for educators. 

Hosted by a variety of education thought-leaders, this monthly series provides attendees with concrete strategies for tackling real-world issues in education, as well as providing a space for reflection and connection, leading to the formation of professional learning networks.

Attendees should expect to participate in interactive reflection and tool-based activities at each event. Additionally, attendees will leave each webinar with a living document of curated and crowd-sourced resources for further study.


How to Use Hyperdocs & Choice Boards in Remote Learning, 11/17

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Past Events

De-Colonizing Your Thanksgiving Curriculum
Judy Dow, Aimee Arandia Østensen, Jeanie Phillips, Emily Hoyler
November 4, 2020
Event Recording Resources | Transcript & Blogpost


Outdoor & Place-Based Learning for the Now
Cliff DesMarais, Bonna Wieler, Annie Bellerose, Aimee Arandia Østensen, Emily Hoyler
September 23, 2020
Event Recording |  Resources | Transcript


Assessment in Blended, Hybrid, & Remote Learning Environments
Sarah Marcus, Allan Miller, Chrissy Park, Susan Hennessey, Scott Thompson
October 3, 2020
Event Recording |  Resources | Transcript 


We encourage partners to reach out with specific topics of need, as well as owning their ability to provide and share guidance as experts in their own educational realms. For more information on upcoming or past webinars and workshops, please contact Audrey Homan at events@tarrantinstitute.org.