We're pleased to share some updated opportunities for personalized professional development. Please feel free to reach out to explore any of these offerings in more detail. We look forward to hearing about how we may support your work in the near future.

School Partnerships for Whole School Change

We provide high quality professional development to districts and schools. Our work focuses on supporting and leading whole-school change while embracing strong, trusting relationships and a plan for sustainable change. The professional development is collaboratively designed to be active, embedded,on-going, and focused. We believe in partnering with districts and schools that have a strong commitment to being student centered and providing the best possible experience for all involved.

Our model focuses on:

  • A three year relationship
  • 50-70 hours of embedded professional development per year
  • A teacher driven leadership team
  • Driven by research and best practice

This experience should be considered intensive, ongoing (measured in years), and connected to practice. It focuses on student learning and addressing the teaching of specific curriculum content. It aligns with school improvement priorities and goals, and aims to ..build strong working relationships among teachers. It's an experienceanchored by attention to students’ thinking, the curriculum, and pedagogy. It offers access to alternative ideas and methods, creates opportunities to observe these in action while promoting reflection on the reasons for their effectiveness.

And it facilitates active learning among teachers.

Our partnerships provide opportunities for teachers to observe each other, plan collaboratively, review examples of student work, and present to colleagues and community beyond their school walls. If you are a school or team leader interested in hearing more about a long-term partnership opportunity, please contact Scott Thompson, at partnerships@tarrantinstitute.org.

Leadership Consulting & Facilitation

We are able to offer consultation and facilitation services to support schools and teams in their work. Our professional development coordinators are skilled facilitators with a wide variety of experiences and knowledge to support the high quality outcomes. Please feel free to reach out with specific questions or scenarios.

We offer support with topics including but not limited to:

  • School planning
  • Middle level organization
  • Best practice
  • Proficiency, personalized learning, flexible pathways
  • Project-based Learning
  • Makerspaces
  • Placed-based Learning
  • Technology & Pedagogy
  • Equity & democratic schooling

Additional Services

If you're looking for additional services not listed here, please reach out to us directly, at partnerships@tarrantinstitute.org.