Participatory action research in progress

Learning Lab VT throws open the doors of classrooms around Vermont, so you and other educators like you can see personalized learning in action, up close and personal. Your hosts are educators just like you, who, along with their students, are willing to model how they're trying to get personalized learning right. 

Why schedule a visit?

Because this network of learning labs demonstrates what it looks like as teachers and their students co-create the kinds of learning experiences that make the challenging journey toward personalized learning so worthwhile. Come take a look! Seeing -- and chatting and doing -- really is believing. Now, it’s about YOU. 


Seeing is believing.

Learning Lab VT educators and their students want to show you what they’re up to. Face-to-face, and in person. We invite you to spend some time getting to know these remarkable Vermont educators, through their inquiry questions. Through their reflection videos and blogposts. Look at the places their work overlaps with — or inspires — yours. 

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