How to Get Help

Open the accordion below applicable to your needs.


If you are in need of IT support, please email or call the UVM Helpline at 802-656-2604. The UVM TechTeam is located in Billings/Ira Allen Chapel room I-117. For self-help, please see the UVM Tech Team's Knowledge Base.

For help with deciding on a laptop to buy, see the "Laptop Recommendation Program for Undergraduates" accordion below.

Laptop Recommendation for Undergraduate Students

Incoming students should check with their advisor or the Student Services Office to answer questions about what computer hardware to purchase.

State regulation requires that students in every teacher education program produce a professional portfolio that demonstrates the depth of their knowing and the breadth of their doing with respect to knowledge and skills which align with the Vermont Core Teaching Standards.

Teacher education programs utilize a web-based system of building professional portfolios. Faculty determined that students pursuing a professional teaching career should have their own laptop computer from the beginning of their professional preparation. Most classes now include technology requirements and each teacher education program requires the gradual acquisition and critical reflection upon the data and documents of a student's professional education. This includes lesson plans, webquests, scanned examples of student work, and self-designed innovative assessments of teaching and learning. The system we recommend will enable students to work across platforms with a variety of innovative text and visual software creating for them an embedded and seamless education in technology literacy.

Faculty and Staff

For self-help, please see the UVM Tech Team's Knowledge Base.

To request technical support, please use one of the following three methods:

Please provide as much detail as possible so they may address your concerns accordingly.

  • Type of computer: laptop or desktop
  • Make: Mac or PC
  • Operating system
  • Age of computer
  • Issue: be descriptive
  • Timeliness: Urgent, High, Moderate, Low
  • Other tech issues: printer, copier, etc.
  • Classroom: meeting pattern, location
  • Office/computer location
  • Best mode of communication: Teams, phone/cell number, email

When needed, the Help Line will escalate issues to the ETS Client Services support team, which is located in Waterman.

Please watch for announcements from the CIO’s Office on the evolving IT Shared Services model or check the IT Shared Services website for the latest information.

Technology Purchases for Faculty/Staff

Need new technology (computers, printers, tablets, etc.)?

  1. Submit a Technology Purchase Request.
  2. Work with your CESS business services center manager.
  3. Work with tech support staff to set up equipment.