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Students currently enrolled in another College or School at UVM who would like to transfer into or double degree in the College of Education & Social Sciences, should complete the internal transfer application. Here is additional information you may find helpful regarding the requirements to transfer/double degree:


Students wishing to transfer in to any of our CESS programs must meet the specific GPA requirements as outlined below.

Programs requiring a MINIMUM CUMULATIVE GPA OF 2.5:

Art Education (B.S.A.E.)
Early Childhood Education (B.S.Ed.)
Early Childhood Special Education (B.S.Ed.)
Elementary Education (B.S.Ed.)
Middle Level Education (B.S.Ed.)
Music Education (B.S.M.E.)
Physical Education (B.S.Ed.)
Secondary Education (B.S.Ed.)*

*Coursework in the student’s area of concentration (English language arts, math, science, social studies or foreign language) must meet the minimum GPA requirement of 3.0.

Program requiring a MINIMUM CUMULATIVE GPA OF 2.3:

Social Work (BSW)

Program requiring a MINIMUM CUMULATIVE GPA FOR 2.0:

Human Development and Family Studies (B.S. or Minor)

The Education for Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Minor requires that students must have taken or be enrolled in EDTE 056.

The Special Education Minor requires that students must have taken or be enrolled in EDSP 005.


Review Process & Timeline:

Once the internal transfer application is completed by the student, CESS Student Services then invites the students in to meet with either a faculty advisor or student services advisor. During the meeting, the student and advisor discuss the benchmarks, program and licensure requirements, and expected graduation date. Provided the student meets the GPA requirements and agrees to the program requirements, they are then transferred into CESS with 3-5 days. If a student does not meet the minimum requirements to transfer into CESS, the student is advised on which courses to take in order to stay on track for their eventual transfer, or other program options are presented.

For More Information:

Gillian Homsted
Director of CESS Student Services