The UVM College of Education and Social Services (CESS) and the Community College of Vermont (CCV) have partnered together to create a joint 2+2 pathway for students interested in studying Social Work.

This pathway allows CCV students to complete the Associates of Arts degree in Social Work. With an additional 60 credits taken at UVM, students will then earn their Bachelor's degree in Social Work (B.S.W.). A detailed plan of how the CCV credits transfer into UVM can be found below.

For more information regarding this program, please contact our Student Services Office at 802-656-3468 or email

CCV Course

CCV Course Title


UVM Requirement

UVM Course

CCV General Education Requirements

INT 1050 First Semester Seminar:
Dimensions of Self & Society
3 Elective HUMN 0XX
Various Technological Literacy 3 Elective Various
ENG 1070 Communication:
Effective Speaking
3 General Education: Communications SPCH 011
ENG 1061 English Composition:
English Composition
3 Foundational Writing & Info. Literacy ENGS 001
MAT 2021 Mathematics:
3 Quantitative Reasoning STAT 111
ENG 1020 Research & Writing Intensive:
Introduction to Research Methods
3 Elective ENGS 0XX
BIO 1140 Scientific Method:
Human Biology
3 General Education: Human Science BIOL 004
PHI 1040 Human Expression:
Intro to Ethics
3 General Education: Humanities PHIL 010
PSY 1010 Human Behavior:
Introduction to Psych.
3 General Education:
Social Sciences
PSYS 001
SOC 2010 Global Perspectives & Sustainability:
Global Social Problems
3 General Education:
Global Awareness
HUM 2010 Seminar in Educational Inquiry:
Seminar in Educational Inquiry
3 Elective HUMN 0XX

CCV Program Requirements

SWK 1010 Introduction to Human Services 3 Elective SWSS 0XX
PSY 1050 Human Growth & Development 3 General Education HDFS 005
SOC 1010 Introduction to Sociology 3 Sustainability / General Education: Social Sciences SOC 001
SWK 2010 Introduction to Case Management 3 Elective SWSS 0XX
SWK 2070 Social Justice and Public Policy 3 Elective SWSS 0XX
INT 2860 Professional Field Experience 3 Elective EDEC XXX

CCV Elective Credits (choose the following)

POS 1020 American Politics & Government 3 General Education:
Political Science
POLS 021
ECO 2020 Macroeconomics 3 General Education:
EC 011
Various Electives 3 Elective Various

Students must complete the Associates Degree at CCV with a minimum GPA of 2.8 to be eligible for the articulation agreement.

There is one pre-requisite course required (must be taken) prior to the UVM Social Work Professional Curriculum.  At UVM this course is SWSS 002: Foundations of Social Work.  Either SWSS 002 of an equivalent course taken at a CSWE-accredited social work program will be accepted as this pre-requisite.  Within the State of Vermont, there are two(2) other accreditied social work programs who have equivalent courses.  They are Champlain College and Castleton University.  Outside of the State of Vermont, there are over 500 accredited B.S.W. programs.  Thirteen (13) of these are accreditied as on-line programs. 

Students must enter in the Fall semester in order to proceed through the sequence of courses.  Upon entering the program, students join a "cohort model" of education, and take the same sequence of courses together.

If you have any questions, please contact UVM Social Work Coordinator, JB Barna.