Celebrating Student Success

Molly Wagner, Ali House, Sandra King, and Taylor Mullen

The days leading up to and through Commencement are an exciting and rewarding time for students, families, friends, and loved ones. Students reflect on life-changing experiences, their struggles, and their achievements while appreciating those who made a difference along the way. 

It is also a time to celebrate what comes next as graduates move on to rewarding careers, graduate study,...

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Students in UVM's Class of 2022 Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) cohort on the front steps of Waterman Building.

Social Work Cohort Fosters Trust, Knowledge, and Growth

Senior Grace Pease took a deep breath as she scanned her notes to share an intense encounter she experienced in the field.  

She described a recent day at a social services organization where she works as an intern. As she spoke, her peers listened intently and could hear that Pease was wrestling with questions about values, relationships to power, and assumptions.

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Hans Cabra and Lori Dolezal

Agents of Change in Education

Leadership and policy studies in education requires a complex understanding of educational institutions, politics, culture, change processes, and the needs of an increasingly diverse and global society.

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