Information and resources for the CESS community of faculty and staff are located here for your benefit.  Please refer to the appopriate accordion heading below, get help from somone on our team listed below, or check the quick links for other important topics.


Visit the CESS Communications webpage for information, resources, and guidance regarding advertising, flyer/poster templates, logos, news/stories, photography, promotional materials, social media, and website issues.

Grant Funding

External Grant Proposals

Please read the document below, which is an outline of the steps required to submit an external grant proposal.

UVM Resources

Internal CESS Funding

Employment in CESS

On-Boarding: New Employees

Part-Time Lecturer Forms

Students and Temporary Hourly Workers

If you would like to hire a graduate student, undergraduate student or temporary hourly worker, please have a discussion with your business manager prior to engaging them for work.

Independent Contractors, Guest Speakers, Transcriptions and Other Outside Professionals

If you would like to hire an outside professional, please have a discussion with your business manager prior to engaging them for work.

Expenses: Purchase, Travel or Reimbursement

Please reference this chart before making a purchase in DOE & DLDS.

In order to obtain and use Professional Development (PD) funding, please read the sections below. Please note:

  • CESS requires that your PD funding be tracked. See "Track PD Funding."
  • For airfare and conference registration, you may use a UVM PurCard. See "Use PD Funding."
  • For ALL TRAVEL, a travel authorization is needed. See "All Travel Instructions."

Apply for PD Funding

To apply for Professional Development (PD) funding, you must complete both the CESS application and the CESS proposed budget form.

Submit these completed forms to your business manager:

Track PD Funding

CESS requires that you track the PD funding you spend by completing the form, below.

Use this form:

  • while traveling to document your expenses and keep track of receipts so that you are prepared for reimbursement
  • to track spending for your trip from multiple payment sources (e.g., UVM PurCard, out-of-pocket expenditures)

For all other purchases via PeopleSoft Purchase Orders (e.g., computers, peripherals, purchases requiring check payment), please speak to your business manager.

Using Professional Development Funding

Airfare, Conference Registration, and Other Supplies

Use a University purchasing card also knows as UVM PurCard via your staff support person for:

  • Airfare for a pre-approved trip or conference (use Accent Travel to make flight arrangements)*
  • Conference registration fees for a pre-approved trip*
  • Supplies: books, computer peripherals and other supplies

*If airfare or conference registration is paid for out-of-pocket, you may not seek reimbursement until after your approved trip or conference. See “Get Reimbursed for Your Out-of-Pocket Expenses,” below.

Lodging and Incidentals

All lodging and incidentals must be paid for by the traveler on-site. For all UVM travel policies, including the per day maximum for meals and mileage, see UVM Travel & Expense Reimbursement.

After your approved trip or conference, you will complete the steps for reimbursement. See the next section, “Get Reimbursed for Your Out-of-Pocket Expenses,” for instructions.

Get Reimbursed for Out-of-Pocket Expenses

To get reimbursement following an approved trip or conference, please submit the following within 60 days of travel:

  1. Complete CESS Expenses Reimbursement (XLSX).
  2. *** DO NOT enter directly into PeopleSoft Financials at this point ***
  3. CESS requires itemized receipts for all reimbursement requests, given various funding sources such as federal grants. 
  4. Carefully tape all detailed, itemized receipts to one side of an 8 1/2 x 11 inch piece of paper. Tape the receipts flat. Do not use staples.

    • Travel meals require an overnight stay.
    • All business meals must include a clear business purpose as well as the full names and affiliations of all attendees.
    • Alcohol is not reimbursable and all tax and associated gratuity must be deducted as well.
  5. Attach the following to completed CESS Expenses Reimbursement form:
    • paper with receipts taped to it (see #3, above)
    • itinerary of conference, brochure or schedule at a glance
  6. Sign CESS Expenses Reimbursement form (must be signed and dated by traveler).
  7. Submit CESS Expenses Reimbursement form to your business manager. (Your business manager will approve the expenses and update the chartstring or budget to be charged.) You may scan this packet or place in Campus Mail.
  8. See instructions for Direct Deposit for Travel and Expense Reimbursement

All Travel Instructions

For ALL TRAVEL, a travel authorization is needed. If traveling internationally, please also submit a completed Out-of-Country Notification to your business manager no later than 10 days before travel.

Please provide your business manager with the following information.  All travel must be pre-approved.  Arrangements may not be made until this Travel Authorization is approved by the Dean.

  • Dates of travel
  • Trip destination
  • Business purpose
  • Contact information


Faculty Development

Technology Support

UVM Technology Support for Faculty, Staff & Students:

CESS Computer Guidance:

UVM Teaching Resources:

Need help from our Business Operations Team?  Please contact us!

For any of your financial, human resource or other business needs, please be in touch with one of our CESS Business Operations Team Members noted below:

Pam Blum
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
(802) 656-1275; 426A Waterman

Jean Evans
Senior Staff Advisor, Dean's Asst. & HR Representative
(802) 656-3424; 309 Waterman

Kunie Renaud
Financial and Grant Administrator, DOE & DLDS Business Manager
(802) 656-8576; 426A Waterman

Other Business Managers

Kate Ball Clem
Business Manager
Social Work

(802) 656-2504; 443 Waterman

Rachel Cronin
Business Manager
Center on Disability and Community Inclusion

(802) 656-2499; 302 C Mann Hall