Program Coordinator and Lecturer

Winnie Looby is a program coordinator and lecturer assigned to the Center on Disability and Community Inclusion and the Department of Education. She earned her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies with a concentration in Special Education, and her M.Ed. in Early Childhood Special Education at UVM.  Her professional interests focus on Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Disability Studies, Early Childhood Special Education, Technology in Education, and Family-School Partnerships. 

As a longtime Vermont resident, her investment in education and her local community began with her work in the Burlington schools as a parent, volunteer, and educator.  Winnie is also an artist trained in multiple disciplines. Her research interests infuse her arts training together with her interdisciplinary interest in supporting diversity and equity broadly, and specifically for students and community members with exceptionalities.


Hurley, J. J., Looby, W., Goodrum, A. R., Campbell, E. M., Bonti, G. K., Raymon, B. A., … Mathews, P. (2018). Early Intervention for Families and Children Experiencing Homelessness. Infants & Young Children, 31(1), 20–36.

Looby, W. (2015, September 29). Post-Summer Leadership Opportunities. Crosscutting Conversations in Education: Research, Reflections, and Practice.

Looby, W., McNeil, T. (2015, June 23). Holmes Scholars Visit U.S. Department of Education. Ed Prep Matters.

Winnie Looby

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

  • Disability studies
  • Early Childhood Special Education
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration


  • Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, University of Vermont
  • M.Ed. in Early Childhood Special Education, University of Vermont
  • M.F.A. Program in Illustration


  • (802) 656-1334