Assistant Professor - Secondary Education

Dr. Eliana Castro has over 10 years of experience teaching high school history and social studies in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, as well as curriculum and instruction and teacher preparation courses at Michigan State University. 

Her research studies the role of race and ethnicity in P-12 settings, focusing on how scholars, teacher educators, practitioners, and other community members can expose global racism within schools. She is interested in understanding and contributing to the teaching and learning of race/ethnicity, racism, and other issues of power, identity, and institutions. Her work examines how U.S. and world history curricula can promote nuanced representations of intersectional racial/ethnic identities, such as Afro-Latinidad. Her most recent research combines teacher and student experiences to probe theories of teaching and learning, racial identity formation, and racial literacy.

Castro’s research has been published in the American Educational Research Journal, Journal of Teacher Education, and The Social Studies. Castro’s recent publication in the Journal of Research on Leadership Education, entitled ‘Twelve Years Unslaved: Lessons from Reconstruction and Brown for Contemporary School Leaders’, received accolades as the journal’s Article of the Year.



Carter Andrews, D., Brown, T., Castro, E., & Id-Deen, E. (2019). The impossibility of being “perfect and white”: Black girls’ racialized and gendered schooling experiences. American Educational Research Journal, 56(6), 2531–2572. DOI: 10.3102/0002831219849392

Article of the Year: Castro, E., Presberry, C. B., & Venzant Chambers, T. T. (2019). Twelve years unslaved: Lessons from Reconstruction and Brown for contemporary school leaders. Journal of Research on Leadership Education, 14(4), 308-330. DOI: 10.1177/1942775119878465

Santiago, M., & Castro, E. (2019). Teaching anti-essentialist historical inquiry. The Social Studies, 110(4), 170-179. DOI: 10.1080/00377996.2019.1600463

Santiago, M., & Castro, E. (In Press). “Movin’ on up”: The growing role of Latinx social studies topics through the grade levels. In L. J. King (Ed.). Book title to be determined. Research and Practice in Social Studies Series. Teachers College Press.

Awards and Recognition

Graduate Student Fellow, American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education, 2019

Eliana Castro

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

  • Teacher Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Race and Ethnicity


  • Ph.D., Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education, Michigan State University
  • Doctoral certificates in Urban Education and Chicanx/Latinx Studies
  • M.A.T., Secondary History and Social Studies, Brown University
  • B.A., Education and Human Development, Brown University


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Courses Taught

  • EDSC 225 Secondary Social Studies Methods
  • EDSC 216 Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment in Secondary Education