Associate Professor

I take up the role of identity in language and literacy, and in my scholarly work and teaching. I believe it is important for researchers and teachers to consider the multitude of social and cultural identities that inform their participants’ and students’ literate practices. By understanding our students and their lived experiences, teachers can improve their pedagogy. My research interests and advocacy work focus on the intersections of identity, young adolescent literacy, instruction and English language learners, social justice, language policy, and foundations. My work has been published in the Research in the Teaching of English, Educational Foundations, The Reading Teacher, and the Middle Grades Review.


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Awards and Recognition

John Dewey Award for Teaching from College of Education and Social Services: This award reflects the principles that John Dewey espoused regarding progressive education, educators' rights, the Humanistic movement, and world peace. (2015)

ALANA Faculty Teaching Award from ALANA Student Organization: A spring award for faculty or staff from the ALANA student organization. (2012)

Service Learning Faculty Fellow from CUPS Office, UVM: An award for faculty that engages in service learning in the classroom, as well as research. (2011)

Educational Alliance Fellow, Project Brite: Diversity and English Language Learners. Brown University, Providence, RI from U.S. Department of Education: National work that promotes and integrates diversity in a teacher education program. (2007)

Associations and Affiliations

American Educational Research Association (AERA), National Middle School Association (NMSA), National Reading Conference, Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Cynthia Reyes

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Educational Policy; English Language Learners; Immigrant and Refugee Populations; Social Justice; Technology and Learning


  • Ph.D. in Reading, Writing, and Literacy from University of Illinois, Chicago
  • M.Ed. in Educational Studies/Instructional Leadership from University of Illinois, Chicago
  • B.A. in Spanish and Communications from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN


  • (802) 656-9642
Office Location:

Waterman 407

Courses Taught

Content Literacy in the Middle Grades; Curriculum & Methods for working with English Language Learners; D1: Language Policy Issues, Race, and School