Associate Professor of Special Education

Dr. Kervick is deeply committed to preparing future teachers who holistically support the academic and social-emotional needs of children through fostering inclusive, equitable and accessible learning environments. She teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses in foundations of special education, inclusive teaching practices, behavior management, and collaboration, while providing supervision of pre-service teacher candidates in their community-based field placements.

Her nationally recognized scholarship focuses on implementation of restorative practices in K-12 schools to improve school climate and address inequity in school disciplinary practices and effective practices for collaborating with families of children with disabilities. Dr. Kervick is also engaged in state level and national service focused on addressing teacher shortages in special education.

Dr. Kervick is a member of Project CORE, an interdisciplinary research team within the College of Education and Social Services supporting and advancing educational and health equity in our local communities through community engaged research and partnerships. 


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Kervick, C. T. (2017). “Parents are the experts”: Understanding parent knowledge and the strategies they use to foster collaboration with special education teams. Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals

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Shepherd, K. G., Kervick, C. T., & Morris, D. (2017). The Art of Collaboration: Lessons from Families of Children with Disabilities. Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense. 

Book Chapters

Kervick, C.T., Shepherd, K.G., Haines, S.J. (2019). Fostering inclusive and culturally responsive family professional partnerships. In M. Schuelka, C. Johnstone, G. Thomas, & A. Artiles (Eds.), SAGE Handbook on Inclusion and Diversity in Education. London: Sage.

Shepherd, K. G., Kervick, C. T., & Salembier, G. (2015). Person-Centered Planning: Tools for Promoting Employment, Self-Direction, and Independence Among Persons with Intellectual Disabilities. In Way leads on to way: Employment of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (pp. 299-320). Washington, D.C.: American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. 

Awards and Recognition

  • John Dewey Educator’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, College of Education and Social Services, University of Vermont (2015)
  • Nominee, Kroepsch-Maurice Excellence in Teaching award, University of Vermont (2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017)
  • People’s Choice Award: Outstanding Community Partner for Education, Burlington Education Association (2008)

Associations and Affiliations

  • Treasurer, Board of Directors of Higher Education Consortium for Special Education (HECSE)
  • American Education Research Association (AERA)
  • Council for Exceptional Children (CEC):
    • Council for Exceptional Children (CEC):
    • Division for Research
    • Division for Emotional and Behavioral Health
    • Teacher Education Division
Colby Kervick

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

  • Family-centered collaborative practice
  • Inclusive teaching practices
  • Restorative practices in schools


  • Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from The University of Vermont
  • M.Ed. in Special Education from The University of Vermont
  • B.S. in Elementary Education from The University of Vermont


Office Location:

499B Waterman

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Courses Taught

  • Dual Certification Special Education Internship
  • Elementary Education Student Teaching
  • History and Systems of Special Education
  • Meeting the Instructional Needs of All Students
  • Undergraduate Internship in Special Education