Adam and Abigail Burack Family Green and Gold Professor

Adam and Abigail Burack Family Green and Gold Professor Bernice Garnett is a public health prevention scientist interested in childhood obesity, bullying, discrimination and harassment, youth health disparities, food access and food security, community based participatory research, school climate and restorative justice. School based health promotion and community strategies to promote health and wellness are a central focus of her work.

Dr. Garnett is interested in integrating interdisciplinary public health undergraduate training in teacher education and other traditional undergraduate disciplines. She serves as a faculty member of the Food Systems Initiative at UVM, and as the Chair of the Vermont Hazing, Harassment and Bullying Prevention Advisory Council.


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Book Chapters

Brion-Meisels, G., & Garnett, B. R., (2017). Training School-Based Practicioners to Prevent and Address Bullying, Discrimination, and Harassment in Schools: A Preservice Model. In A. Osanloo, C. Reed and J. Schwartz (Eds.), Creating and negotiating collaborative spaces for socially-just anti-bullying interventions for K-12 schools (pgs. 47-.75). Information Age.

Raveche, B. (2008) International Public Health Diplomacy and the Global Surveillance of Avian Influenza, in SIPRI 2008 Yearbook (pp. 456–69). New York: Oxford University.

Awards and Recognition

  • Sustainability Faculty Fellowship, University of Vermont
  • Center for Rural Studies Faculty Fellowship, University of Vermont
  • Presidential Fellowship, Harvard University
  • Matina S. Horner, Summer Research Fellowship, Harris Center for Eating Disorders Research, Education and Advocacy at Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Maternal and Child Health Information Resource Center Summer Fellow Oregon Department of Public Health and Human Services
  • Council of Women World Leaders Summer Fellow Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

Associations and Affiliations

  • American Public Health Association (APHA)
  • Academy for Eating Disorders (AED)
  • Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine (SAHM)
  • Society for Prevention Research (SPR)
  • American Educational Research Association (AERA)
  • The Obesity Society (TOS)
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Areas of Expertise and/or Research

  • Bullying prevention
  • Community and social systems
  • Diversity, access and equity
  • Public health
  • Restorative justice
  • School climate
  • Social justice


  • Sc.D. in Social and Behavioral Sciences from Harvard School of Public Health
  • M.P.H in Health Promotion from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health


  • 802-656-2187
Office Location:

Waterman 539A

Courses Taught

Bullying and Youth Violence Prevention; Mixed Methods Research; Personal Health