Professor Pushes for Sexual Rights and Accessible Curriculum in Social Work

Dr. Lacey Sloan

Lacey Sloan was advocating for survivors of sexual assault long before the #MeToo era.

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Dr. Kelly Clark/Keefe

Arts-Informed Approaches to Learning and the Value of Uncertainty

Dr. Kelly Clark/Keefe’s philosophical and reflective approach to research and teaching attempts to look beyond conventional or commonsense boundaries of what we think we know and understand, stretching her students—and herself—to take risks and discover intellectual growth amidst uncertainty.

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Dr. Larry Shelton speading at the College of Education and Social Services Scholarship Symposium

UVM Professor's Book Maps Connections Between Ecosystem and Human Development

After teaching at the University of Vermont for 48 years, Associate Professor Lawrence Shelton says his favorite part of the job is watching students’ understanding of the world blossom.

Helping students understand Urie Bronfenbrenner’s theory of child development is a practice he’s refined over those years. 

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