Researching the Merits and Challenges of RENEW High School Intervention Program

Jesse Suter

What does it take to help youth who are at-risk of dropping out complete high school and prepare to transition into adulthood?

Dr. Jesse Suter is finding that leadership, data, and time are among the key ingredients.

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Maria Dykema Erb headshot on left; teaching a Meaning-Making workshop on right

Alumni Corner: Maria Dykema Erb

Our featured graduate college alumna in this issue of IMPACT is Maria Dykema Erb, Master of Education (M.Ed.), Interdisciplinary Studies: Higher Education, Leadership, and Counseling.

IMPACT: Maria, thanks for sharing your story with our readers. To start with, tell us where you grew up, and where you went to school for your undergraduate degree.

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Marisol Garcia

Discovery and Growth: My Experience as a Student Social Worker

After spending my first semester at UVM in the sciences with the intention of pursuing a career in medicine, I enrolled in an introductory class called Foundations of Social Work taught by Celia Cuddy. The class changed my perspective of the field completely. 

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