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CESS student engage in a variety of high-impact experiences to discover their strengths and develop their professional skills at field sites reflecting the diverse cultures and backgrounds of our community. Faculty and staff in each CESS academic department work closely with students to help them identify and navigate opportunities aligned with their academic goals and personal interests. Real world experience prepares CESS students for immediate and long range success after graduation. 

Learn By Doing

Collectively, CESS students contribute 200,000 hours of service annually in the community through service-learning, practicums and internship placements with our field partners in variety of schools districts, social service agencies and other organizations. Here are a few examples spotlighting our students' experiences in the field.


Colin Henke and Ben Stewart, Secondary Education

Colin Henke and Ben StewartAspring educators Colin Henke and Ben Stewart enjoy teaching World History in classrooms next door to each other for their internships at Burlington High School (BHS).

"I am fortunate to work with a range of learners and a variety of different cultures and communities," says Ben, who completed a special education internship the previous semester at BHS. “My mentor teacher Laura Sercel is great, and I truly feel the past four years are starting to come together,” says Henke, who also gained teaching experience at Milton High School as a junior and at the Sara Holbrook Center as a sophomore. 

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Franky Bahati, Social Work

Franky Bahati“I get to work with students who I watched grow up, set them up with mental health resources, and connect them to programs that allow them to grow," says Franky about her internship at Winooski Middle/High School. "My field instructors are awesome, and I have a strong relationship with the educators here." 

Story: Paying It Forward

Ella McCarthy, Early Childhood Education

Ella McCarthy works with a student on reading activity“We work with such diverse children and families and have grown to be a part of many school communities," says Ella about her variety of placements in the field. "The program puts a strong emphasis on family-centered learning. Professors and mentor teachers have made this experience the most fulfilling journey. They all truly want to prepare us for life in the field and honor who we are as individuals." 

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Molly Wagner, Middle Level Education

Molly Wager working with middle school student“My student teaching internships at Edmunds Middle School and Williston Central School were amazing and prepared me very well for the job I will be starting," says Molly. She also spent time in the field teaching at Robin’s Nest Children’s Center and the Greater Burlington YMCA. Those experiences and her involvement in the DREAM program played a major role in her love for education and community engagement. 

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Jake Hession, Secondary Education & Special Education

Jake Hession"As a special education intern, I often helped students make up work when they are behind in classes," says Jake about his teaching experiences at Milton High School. "I appreciate being the person to make a difference in their academic life, which often gets them to think more positively about themselves and their relationship with school."

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Taylor Mullen, Human Development and Family Science

Taylor Mullen“Ellen took me under her wing and helped me succeed both academically and personally,” says Taylor about her role as a research intern working on the UVM KID Study with Dr. Ellen McGinnis in the Larner College of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry. "Mental health is an issue impacting children in schools all over the country. I want to be a conduit of support and care for students who need it."

Following Her Passion to Support Children's Mental Health

“I was thankful to be placed in a culturally diverse school where I had potential for growth. It is very challenging work, but the education program here made me feel prepared going in, and they always fully supported me throughout my student teaching placements."

-Alden Ducharme '22