UVM student working with youth in the local community.

Do you want to develop your skills in supporting people with disabilities?

We believe that all individuals have worth and dignity, and that schools and communities can create environments promoting high standards and personal excellence. Our goal is to promote the success of all individuals and their families through evidence-based practices in inclusive settings through a collaborative, strengths-based climate.

"I felt so connected to my special education professors. It takes a certain kind of person to do this work and the special education professors exemplified that."

"A few years into my teaching career, my mentor teacher from student teaching still plays an integral role in my professional life."

Choose your Pathway

UVM's Special Education program is nationally recognized by the CEC (Council for Exceptional Children). We offer multiple pathways designed to match your interests and career goals.

Learn more about each pathway below.

University Minor with (open to all UVM undergraduates)

Our Special Education minor (18 credits) is for all UVM students who want to learn more about supporting persons with disabilities in inclusive classroom and community settings. The minor attracts students who are considering careers in special education or other professions involving individuals with disabilities.

Students take 12 credits of core course-work focused on foundations of special education, assessment practices, disability studies, and evidence-based practices that promote academic achievement and positive behavior for individuals with disabilities. Students also take 6 credits of elective courses with options from a variety of disciplines, including early childhood, communication sciences, psychology, health education, linguistics, American Sign Language,  and special education.

Completion of the minor prepares students for careers and further graduate study in special education and other professions.

Students who complete the minor may also use the coursework as a stepping stone to apply for our Accelerated Master's Program (AMP).

Applications for the Special Education Minor are due November 1 and March 15 of each year.

Dual Certification (for Education majors)

"The dual certification program at UVM provided me with the foundation to be a successful elementary/special educator. I have been teaching for 3 years, and not a day goes by that I don't utilize something I learned from the hands-on, research-based and practical experiences from the dual certification program."

Our dual certification option (21 credits) allows future teachers to complete licensure in their chosen degree
along with certification as a special educator (either K-8 or grade 7-age 21).

Coursework includes the foundations of special education, assessment, behavior management, literacy and numeracy intervention, and instructional practices for inclusive classrooms.

Students also complete a full year teaching internship in a school working with special education and general education mentors.

Application Information

Students interested in Dual Certification must be enrolled in a teacher licensure program in CESS. There is an application process during the Junior year to determine acceptance into the 6-credit special education internship.

Accelerated Master's Program (AMP)

Our Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) in Special Education allows students to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degrees within 5 years, decreasing the time and cost to complete their graduate degree.

Students pursuing the 18 credit University Special Education minor apply to the AMP during the fall of their junior year. If accepted, 6-9 credits of undergraduate coursework apply toward both the special education minor and the AMP.

In the fifth year, students take 21-24 additional credits, including a full-year internship.