• Project RESILIENCY core faculty leading the PhD in SHIE at the University of Vermont, from left to right: Drs. Justin Garwood, Shana Haines, Colby Kervick, Bernice Garnett, and Jessica Strolin-Goltzman.


The U.S. Department of Education awarded $1.25 million in funding through its Office of Special Education Programs to fully fund five doctoral students in the University of Vermont's PhD in SHIE (Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Health and Inclusive Education) program over the next five years.

What and Who is Project RESILIENCY? It could be YOU.

Led by faculty in UVM's College of Education and Social Services, Project RESILIENCY (Recruiting Specialized and Interdisciplinary Leaders in the Education of Children and Youth with/at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders) will train future leaders in higher education through a rigorous pedagogical, theoretical, and methodological program anchored in equity-oriented, community-engaged, and evidence-based practices.

We are seeking experienced professionals ready to engage in rigorous, full-time doctoral studies aimed at creating proactive, innovative, and interdisciplinary solutions to complex issues affecting the social, emotional, and behavioral health of children and youth. Our comprehensive, cohort-based approach is designed to foster your success as a future faculty member who teaches effectively and designs high-quality research that makes a difference in the field.

RESILIENCY scholars will be recruited as a cohort into the program for a Fall 2023, receiving full tuition support from UVM, along with a stipend, insurance, and financial resources for travel and other expenses related to the project. 

The project places intentional emphasis on scholarship and activity, which supports collaboration within the cohort and among the core faculty’s professional networks. Scholars will engage in in-person seminars, online learning, and professional conferences that support their success within the program, while completing course- and fieldwork that prepares them to conduct rigorous and meaningful research.

We welcome applications from professionals in education and related fields (e.g., social work, counseling, mental health) who have experience working with students with disabilities in applied settings. Applicants must hold a masters degree, preferably in a related field (e.g., education, special education, social work, school counseling, cognitive science). Applicants are strongly encouraged to identify at least one core faculty member as a potential advisor and explain the fit with the faculty member’s research interests. 

Meet our team of nationally recognized faculty who are eager to support your goals.

Justin Garwood

Associate Professor Justin Garwood, PhD

Faculty Profile

Dr. Garwood's research and teaching focuses on students with and at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) across three specific areas: (1) pre-service preparation and teachers use of relationship-based pedagogy, (2) academic interventions, and (3) classroom management.

Shana Haines

Associate Professor Shana Haines, PhD

Faculty Profile

Dr. Haines' research focuses on improving meaningful family, school, and community collaborations in order to increase well-being and belongingness, especially for historically marginalized students and families.

Bernice Garnett

Green and Gold Professor Bernice Garnett, PhD

Faculty Profile

Dr. Garnett is a public health prevention scientist interested in childhood obesity, bullying, discrimination and harassment, youth health disparities, food access and food security, community based participatory research, school climate and restorative justice.

Colby Kervick

Associate Professor Colby Kervick, EdD

Faculty Profile

Dr. Kervick is deeply committed to preparing future teachers who holistically support the academic and social-emotional needs of children through fostering inclusive, equitable and accessible learning environments.

Jessica Strolin-Goltzman

Professor Jessica Strolin-Goltzman, PhD

Faculty Profile

Dr. Strolin-Goltzman is an implementation scholar focusing on interventions to improve the resilience and social and emotional wellbeing of children, youth, and families across child welfare, mental health, and school settings, with specific expertise in trauma-informed practices.


Project RESILIENCY faculty don’t just talk about the importance of diversity. Their internationally recognized research and teaching embody the true interdisciplinary spirit. With expertise in emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD), trauma-informed practices, family-school-community collaborations among culturally and linguistically diverse populations, inclusive education, restorative justice, public health, social work, our faculty will prepare doctoral scholars to:

  • Identify critical issues related to inclusive education and educational equity.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of theories, policies, and historical frameworks that have been and can be used to prevent societal problems and address critical issues facing the educational and social-emotional-behavioral health of children and youth.
  • Contribute to active research-practice partnerships and the reciprocal translation of applied, community-engaged research.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills in psycho-educational and relationship-based interventions with children and youth with and at risk for emotional-behavioral disorders.
  • Apply knowledge, skills, and methodological expertise to design, implement, evaluate, and disseminate theoretically-informed, applied and evidenced-based school and community practices that promote the SEBH of children and youth.

Application deadline is February 15, 2023.

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The co-directors would love to answer any questions you may have about the program. Please reach out at any time to Dr. Garwood or Dr. Haines for more information:

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