Frequently Asked Questions


When is the application deadline?

Applications are accepted twice per year, with deadlines of November 15 for the spring semester and May 15 for the fall semester.

Can credits be transferred into the program?

Up to nine credits of relevant coursework may be transferred into the MEd. program with the permission of the student’s advisor and the Graduate College. Courses must be completed within five years and related to the overall goals of the Leadership Program. This includes courses taken prior to admission in the Leadership Program either at another institution, or at UVM (Continuing Ed.).  There is the possibility of transferring an extra six credits if they are at UVM the immediate preceding semester to matriculation.

How long does it take to complete the program?

Most of our students attend on a part-time basis (one or two courses per semester), completing their core courses and electives within two to three years.

How many years do I have to complete the program?

The maximum number of years to complete the MEd is five years.

What courses are required?

There are fifteen hours of required core courses taken in the program. Core courses are taught no more than one evening per week (4:00-7:00 p.m.).  These courses are EDLP 300, 310, 320, and EDFS 209 (or EDLP 340) and 322. 

When are the courses offered?

Currently, the core courses are offered on weekday evenings from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Do you offer online courses?

While some courses are offered in hybrid format, solely on-line courses are not offered for the MEd. program.

What is the tuition?

Please visit the Student Financial Services website for Graduate College tuition and fees.

What are the major requirements of the program?

Students are required to complete 15 hours of core courses, and a minimum of 18 further hours (more for licensure candidates) including an internship, as well as an action research project.  The program culminates in an oral examination/presentation of the action research project.