About the Program

The Interdisciplinary Program has been in existence since 1972, and it has graduated hundreds of students over the decades—including pre-professionals, professionals, and pre-doctoral students. Students have represented all age-ranges from the 20s to the 70s. Professor Robert J. Nash has served as the Interdisciplinary Program Founder and Director since 1972. Currently, graduates of this program work throughout the state of Vermont, and elsewhere, in a wide variety of professional venues. Almost 95% of students who enroll in the Interdisciplinary Program graduate and go on to productive careers as interdisciplinary educators (understood in the broadest sense) in their respective professional settings.

Student Testimonials

"I believe that the Interdisciplinary Studies graduate program has been the single, greatest catalyst to help me develop the courage and reassurance to pursue my life's calling, instead of settling for a job on the basis of money alone. Now I am doing what I was born to do." John Aellig, 2013 graduate, CEO and Founder of The Center for Sustained Peace, a non-profit organization.

"My Interdisciplinary Master’s Program has been a transformative learning experience, opening my eyes and mind to a world I otherwise wouldn’t have known. I am far better prepared to be a leader in a pluralistic, multi-layered, and interconnected world. Now I am ready to share my learning with others as an educator for greater equity, peace and justice for all." Michiko Oishi, 2010 graduate, International Peace Educator.

"My classes with Robert were where I felt most at home. His teaching style honors the differences in students, encourages us to learn from one another, and to be respectful of other perspectives. I never felt 'other' even though I was often the eldest student in class. The Interdisciplinary Studies program was what I was waiting for, and I am so grateful that I found it. Thank you for admitting someone who was an 'other' into the program and for allowing working adults to have the opportunity to fulfill their educational goals through this program." Daphne Walker, 2011 graduate, Associate Director of Career Services.

"Dear teachers, there is a program at the University of Vermont designed just for you—the graduate program in Interdisciplinary Studies in Education. It gives you the best and finds the best in you. It provides a great learning experience for you as an educator, and it feeds you with only the finest materials, courses, and discussions. The Graduate Interdisciplinary Studies Program will take time, determination, and perseverance, but believe me, my dear educator, it is all worth it! It will become a major part of your identity. The Interdisciplinary graduate program has something that no other graduate program has—it gives you the power to choose, it has flexibility, and it offers amazing options." Gordana Pobric, 2010 graduate, High School Math teacher.

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