Leon Lifschutz: Measuring the Implementation Fidelity of USA Hockey's American Development Model (2019-9-20)

Lifschutz, Leon | UHeights South Multipurpose Room (133) | 2019-9-20 | 10:00am

Critics of youth sports in the United States have lamented about limited access, as well as issues revolving around the physical and mental health of its young participants (Jayanthi, Pinkham, Dugas, Patrick, & Labella, 2012; Project Play, 2015; Rosenwald, 2016; Sabo & Veliz, 2008).  In response to these concerns, USA Hockey, using Long Term Athlete Development Theory (LTAD) as a key fr

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Rebecca Eunmi Haslam: Equity Pedagogies, Hidden Curricula: Social-Emotional Wellbeing Among Student of Color in Elementary School (2019-7-10)

The shift in the nation’s political climate between 2016-2019 has exacerbated the longstanding pervasive issues of racism and discrimination against People of Color and those marginalized by societal inequity. This has serious implications for teaching and schooling, as it causes children to feel unsafe, question their sense of belonging, and internalize racial oppression.

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Jennifer J. Rousseau: Designing a Survey Instrument to Operationalize Faculty Perceptions of Military-Connected Student-Faculty Interaction at Civilian Colleges and Universities (2019-5-17)

This study investigated military-connected student-faculty interaction. The primary purpose was to create a multi-institutional survey instrument that operationalizes perceptions of teaching behaviors amongst faculty who educate military-connected students (MCS) at civilian colleges and universities.

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