Admission to the Counseling Program is competitive and admissions decisions are made only once a year, during the Spring semester for Fall matriculation. Students with strong undergraduate academic preparation and a solid grade point average, and who demonstrate an ability to fully participate in healthy interpersonal relations with others, make strong candidates for the UVM Counseling Program. The Program faculty is committed to admitting students who represent diverse backgrounds and who have special abilities to work with diverse client populations.

One application process is used for all students, whether applying to the School Counseling Program, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program, Dual Program Option, or for part-time or full-time study.

Variable Tuition

For out-of-state applicants, our variable tuition rate provides substantial financial savings over the normal Graduate College tuition rate.


Visit our Graduate Tuition Scholarships web page to learn about financial awards available to qualified applicants.

Admissions Process & Specific Materials Needed

The admissions process includes submitting everything requested in the Graduate College Application packet, and participating in an invitation-only formal group interview. Each of these is described below.

Application Packet

Submit the following (below) to the University of Vermont Graduate College Admissions Office. Please be advised that the UVM Graduate College uses an online admissions process.

Applications received by January 15th will be considered for the following Fall matriculation.

  • Graduate Application Form (available online at the Graduate College).
  • Statement of Purpose: The Statement of Purpose will be reviewed for clarity of expression, grammatical construction, and insight regarding the applicant’s reasons for pursuing study in the Counseling Program.
  • Three Letters of Recommendation: Letters written by individuals who have a professional relationship with the applicant and who are well acquainted with the applicant’s accomplishments and potential for becoming an effective counselor are considered valid letters of recommendation. At least one of these letters should be from an academic advisor or instructor. Please do not include letters written by personal friends or acquaintances.
  • Official College Transcripts: An official college transcript of course work (undergraduate and graduate) should be submitted from every college and university attended.
  • Professional Resume: A current resume that attests to the applicant’s education, work, and volunteer experience should be included in the application packet. Work experience in counseling or a related field is highly desired.
  • English Proficiency Examination:  It is a Graduate College policy that applicants whose native or first language is not English must submit proof of English proficiency. Applicants must submit official scores of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The minimum acceptable score for admission to the Graduate College at the University of Vermont is 90 (Internet-based) for the TOEFL. The minimum acceptable score for a student receiving funding at the University of Vermont is 100 (Internet-based) for the TOEFL. The minimum acceptable score for admission to the Graduate College at the University of Vermont is 6.5 (Internet-based) for the IELTS. The minimum acceptable score for a student receiving funding at the University of Vermont is 7.0 (Internet-based) for the IELTS. For more information, please see the International Student Admissions page on the Graduate College website.
  • Official Graduate Record Examination (GRE): GRE scores are no longer required as of October 8, 2015.


After an initial review of applications, qualified applicants will be invited to participate in a group interview on the UVM campus. One or more faculty members and a graduate student currently enrolled in the program conduct the group interview. The applicant will be interviewed with a small group of others who are also applying to the Counseling Program.

The group interview is critical in the application process. Faculty will be looking for evidence of candidates’ self-awareness, awareness of social and cultural issues, ability to communicate with others, and interest and commitment to the profession of counseling. The interview will also offer candidates an opportunity to receive information about the Counseling Program at UVM and meet other students applying to the program.

In extenuating circumstances, an applicant may be permitted to participate in a Skype interview. Arrangements will be made for these alternatives on an individual basis after full faculty consultation.

Classes for Non-Matriculated Students

A select few of our introductory classes are open to non-matriculated students (when space is available). We encourage students interested in learning more about the UVM Counseling Program to enroll in a class before application or admission. The process for matriculation in these classes is through a wait list managed by Program staff, via e-mail ( or phone (802-656-3888).


Please see our FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions.  If you have any additional questions related to admissions, feel free to contact the Counseling Program at or 802-656-3888.

Applicant Virtual Interview Dates for 2022-2023


  • Friday, February 4th from 9am-12pm
  • Friday, February 11th from 9am-12pm
  • Friday, February 18th from 9am-12pm


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