• Students and faculty discussing a research poster at the CESS Scholarship Symposium.


The annual CESS Scholarship Symposium showcases the interests of faculty, students, and staff encompassing innovative research, scholarship, creative works, and pedagogy. It's a valuable opportunity to learn about each other's work, get feedback on your own, and find new ways to collaborate with your colleagues.

Symposium activities include poster displays, oral presentations, panel discussions, and round table discussions. Programs from previous scholarship symposiums are available in the links to the right. Interested students are welcome to contact their advisor or another faculty member to learn more.

The 17th Annual CESS Innovation and Scholarship Symposium, hosted by the CESS Research Council, will be held in May 2022 in Waterman Building's Memorial Lounge.  We encourage faculty, staff and students from across CESS to present their research as well as other innovative work (e.g., program re-design, systems innovation, curricular or co-curricular enhancements) they have engaged in during the academic year. 

The Symposium centers on work connected to one or more of the five key focus areas of the CESS 2022 Strategic Plan and namely, work that is “student-centered, family-focused, community-engaged, culturally competent, and collaboratively designed.” In addition, the Symposium explores the impact and meaning of the College’s collective work. 

Recipients of this year’s CESS Innovation grants are strongly encouraged to respond to this call, as are all other members of our community participating in efforts to enact the vision and goals outlined in our CESS Strategic Plan.